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12 April 2021

Scientists put the stopwatch on cannabis intoxication

New analysis from the Lambert Initiative defines durations of impairment after inhaled or oral THC doses. Findings raise questions about current drug-driving laws, which penalise for THC presence, not intoxication levels.
08 April 2021

Discovery could help lengthen lifespan of electronic devices

University of Sydney researchers have made a significant discovery in the field of materials science, for the first time providing a full picture of how fatigue in ferroelectric materials occurs.
31 March 2021

Easter chocolate toxic for dogs

Chocolate is toxic to dogs, and other pets, so don't offer your companion animals Easter Eggs or even hot cross buns, which are high fat and may contain raisins. No matter how hard your dog begs for it. Give them a doggie snack instead.
31 March 2021

Academics partner with industry and policy makers on new research

The University will work with partners such as Dulux and NSW Health on research that solves existing business problems and takes research from the lab to practice.
30 March 2021

Factors that may predict next pandemic

New modelling identifies human and human-influenced environmental factors that are associated with disease outbreaks, including in Australia.
30 March 2021

Two thirds of farmland at risk of pesticide pollution

A global map of agricultural land across 168 countries has revealed that 64 percent of land used for agriculture and food crops is at risk of pesticide pollution. Almost a third of these areas are considered to be at high-risk.
30 March 2021

An improved safety standard for pacemakers and cochlear implants

As technology improves, bionic devices in humans will become more common. Professor David McKenzie working with the National Measurement Institute has developed a standard test for leaks in such devices like cochlear implants and pacemakers.
24 March 2021

COVID fails to slow academic collaboration

Academic collaboration has continued to thrive in the absence of international travel, with the University of Sydney signing a new strategic partner and organising high-profile virtual conferences, including one that attracted more than 28,000 researchers.
18 March 2021

Christmas Island reptile-killer identified

With wild populations decimated, Lister's gecko and the blue-tailed skink only exist in captivity. University of Sydney researchers have discovered a bacterium, which could cause their potential extinction.
17 March 2021

Second-wave COVID mortality dropped markedly in (most) wealthier zones