Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou in a lab.

Hydrogen expert joins faculty to drive renewable research

8 December 2021

Leading hydrogen storage expert joins Faculty of Science

The ranks of the Faculty of Science have been bolstered with the arrival of world leading hydrogen storage researcher Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou to the School of Chemistry.

The University of Sydney has welcomed the arrival of Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou a global leader in hydrogen storage research, to its School of Chemistry.

With more than a decade of experience in hydrogen research across the tertiary and private sectors, Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou arrives with a reputation of academic excellence and industry expertise, strengthening the university’s capabilities in hydrogen storage technologies.

Across his career, Professor Aguey-Zinsou has authored over 150 peer-reviewed articles exploring energy, hydrogen storage, batteries and more, while also founding H2Potential, Australasia's first scientist-led company focused on growing the global hydrogen economy.

Professor Aguey-Zinsou cites the university’s reputation for research and enabling academics to reach their full potential as key drivers for joining the School of Chemistry.

The University of Sydney has a great reputation of being at the forefront of thinking and the great challenges facing society both in Australia and globally. I look forward to collaborating with my colleagues to undertake research that expands Australia’s potential to be positioned as a leader in the hydrogen space.
Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou.

As an expert in hydrogen storage technologies, Professor Aguey-Zinsou has worked to develop materials that enable the safe storage, distribution, and transport of hydrogen with the aim of advancing the technology and implementing it as a tool toward a decarbonised world.

“Australia needs technical expertise, graduates, and innovative solution to support its ambition to become a world- leading hydrogen export nation.”

Professor Aguey-Zinsou hopes to see Australia seize the opportunities available via early investment in hydrogen and believes that engagement with the research and development sector will allow Australia to develop a “hydrogen valley”, owning key hydrogen technologies that will drive future markets.

“Australia is blessed with a significant amount of renewable resources that can be harvested to generate hydrogen that could help to decarbonise the world” states Professor Aguey-Zinsou.

“This is a great ambition and a huge task that cannot be solely driven by the private sector, especially if we want to create real value for the Australian people, including local jobs.”


Headshot of Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou
Professor Kondo-Francois Aguey-Zinsou
Academic profile

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