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01 September 2022

University of Sydney welcomes US Ambassador

The University of Sydney yesterday welcomed Caroline Kennedy, the US ambassador to Australia, who met with the Vice-Chancellor and toured the University's campus and hubs of research, including the United States Studies Centre and the University of Sydney Nano Institute.

01 September 2022

Pioneers recognised in Australia’s top science prizes

Pioneering research to create robotic imaging systems to de-risk surgery and assess how dietary choices impact health, environment, and economy simultaneously, have been recognised in the 2022 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.
01 September 2022

Impact of megafires on estuaries

Climate change is increasing the extent and severity of wildfires around the world. Megafires like Australia's 2019/20 Black Summer fires represent an emerging threat to estuarine and coastal ecosystems, with the extent and proximity of the wildfire influencing the impact on estuaries.
31 August 2022

ARC Laureate Fellow asks 'How old are the stars?'   

Professor Tim Bedding, from the School of Physics in the Faculty of Science, will receive almost $2.5 million from the Australian Research Council to look inside stars in extraordinary detail and measure their ages with unprecedented precision.
31 August 2022

Funding injection for urban rewilding, hydrogen tech

Two University of Sydney research teams have been awarded more than $1 million to work with industry on urban rewilding and hydrogen embrittlement projects.
25 August 2022

Legal use of medicinal cannabis on the rise

New research from the University of Sydney's Lambert Initiative finds most Australians are still medicating with illicit cannabis, although numbers accessing prescription products have risen dramatically.
19 August 2022

Climate threat to food supply chains creates 'domino effect'

New modelling by a multidisciplinary team of researchers shows the impact climate change and extreme weather events could have on food supply chains, with adverse effects on income, food and nutrient availability.
16 August 2022

Atmospheric rivers

An “atmospheric river” is a narrow, fast-flowing stream of moist air - many thousands of kilometres long, a few hundred kilometres wide, and usually traveling faster than 45 kph.
11 August 2022

Professor Marcel Dinger appointed Dean of the Faculty of Science

Professor Dinger is an experienced genome biologist and entrepreneur, with 22 years’ experience in bioinformatics and genomics in both commercial and academic capacities.

09 August 2022

Can the next generation of sea urchins resist marine heatwaves?

Devastating effects on marine organisms may result from the exposure of ecosystems to extreme global ocean temperatures due to climate change. But can they adapt in time?