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Large public event in Great Hall

Community engagement

Science events, high school outreach activities and resources
Explore the wide range of events and activities run by the Faculty of Science. We’ve got everything from public talks, HSC revision and school activities, to teaching resources.

Events update: COVID-19

Given the increasing concern about the spread of COVID-19 in the community, particularly with winter flu season approaching, we have been informed to cancel or defer any event until advised otherwise.

From Monday 16 March 2020 this will apply to all University events or events hosted on our campuses including student, academic and public events and conferences. 

We anticipate it may not be possible to resume these events until early 2021. We will review this position in early 2021 and keep you informed.

Public events

Science activities for schools

HSC Revision


Virtual Kickstart Science and Mathematics

Online workshops for HSC science and mathematics students

Virtual Kickstart online, interactive workshops give HSC students a chance to learn key ideas, see demonstrations and perform their own analysis in the syllabus that can be attended from home or at school.

Kickstart in the Holidays

For HSC biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics students

Kickstart to your studies or get some revision in during the holidays with these interactive online workshops hosted by our expert science communicators.

Science Extension

Supporting teachers and students doing the HSC extension science course

Workshops, teacher resources and student mentoring. Spend a day learning about the HSC science extension course exploring best scientific practice, experimental design, research techniques and reviewing statistical analysis of data.

Kickstart Science

A workshop for HSC science students

Kickstart workshops give HSC students a chance to do experiments and demonstrations of key ideas in the syllabus that are difficult to do in the classroom.

Years 7–11


Grand Challenges program

For students in Year 9 and 10

Giving your students around Australia the opportunity to collaborate with leading researchers and award- winning entrepreneurs to design their very own innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.


Spectacular Science

For high school students from Years 7 to 11

Students will experience first hand some of the intriguing and important areas scientists are working in and spend a spectacular day submerged in science.

Meet a Mathematician

Have one of our maths researchers take over your classroom

Book in for a one hour virtual visit from one of our mathematics researchers and discover maths puzzles, career tips and have the chance to ask them anything.

Mega Maths Day

For students in Years 9 and 10

An opportunity to surprise and inspire students with mathematics and showcase the variety of disciplines and careers that require mathematics.

Tea Composition

Researching the living soil - a simple method

You and your students are invited to participate in this practical, real-world research project that evaluates decomposition and its relation to local soil type, properties and environments, using simply, a tea bag.

Unearthing Science

Energise the budding scientists in your Year 9 and 10 students

Introducing rural and regional students to the concept of independent scientific investigation, with a focus on environmental and ecological research.

All years


Dr Karl

A favourite in Australian science

A master of all trades, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is a qualified scientist, doctor and engineer whose fun-loving personality led him to become a well-known author and science communicator.

Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prizes

Video competition for primary and secondary school students

Become the next generation of Dr Karl and Adam Spencer by telling a scientific story.

Teacher resources