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High school students play a maths-based card game

Mega Maths Day

For students in Years 9 and 10
An opportunity to surprise and inspire students with mathematics and showcase the variety of disciplines and careers that require mathematics.

Mega Maths Day engages with stage 5 students who need to make choices about what kind of mathematics to do in senior school.

No matter what your students choose to do in the future, maths will be a part of it and take the form of:

  • maths models that help predict which latest fashion items will sell out, 
  • calculations that allow you to build bridges, 
  • statistics that show what people think of a business, or
  • computations that help in the understanding of diseases.

Your students will discover how maths is involved in pretty much every area of life at Mega Maths Day.

Year 10 is a key time when your students are choosing their future direction, so give them the opportunity to find out just how important a solid background in maths is for a huge array of disciplines and careers.

Your students will be inspired by how maths studies will open doors in their future during this Mega Maths Day full of workshops showcasing the importance of maths in a variety of settings.

Mega Maths Day will show your students how magnificent, marvellous and monumental maths is!

Event details

Date: The next Mega Maths Day will be on the 25 November 2022.

Time: 9am - 2:30pm

Cost: $22 per student (inc GST)

Workshop Sessions: Your class will be allowed to pick their favourite three workshops to attend of a selection like the topics below. Please note that the workshop selection below is subject to change for 2022 program. The final workshop choices will be published closer to the date.  

We will contact you closer to the program to confirm your student numbers, organise quotations and invoices for you and your three workshop preferences.

We will also need:

  • A Student Roll for WHS
  • Media/photography permissions for each student
Further details: Contact Caitlin Fisher and Claudia Zhang at or 0421 363 219.

Example Timetable

Start End Activity
9:00am 9:20am Arrival and Registration
9:20am 10am Mathematics & You!
10am 11am
Workshop A
Morning Tea
11:15am 12:15pm Workshop B
12:15pm 1:15pm Lunch
1:15pm 2:15pm Workshop C
2:15pm 2:30pm Closing

Example Workshops: choose three from below:

These are examples of workshops we have run in the past for Mega Maths Day. These may be updated closer to the date of the next Mega Maths Day to new workshop topics.

Join us in the computer lab for a highly topical investigation of the mathematics behind the spread of disease.

Derive the calculus equations behind the growth and decline of disease spread and create models in our software programs.

This workshop is great for mathematically gifted classes who are looking for a challenge.

When bees move to a new nesting site, they communicate the quality and location of new sites through a waggle dance.

In this game developed by University of Sydney researchers, we'll explore what mathematics can tell us about how the colony is able to come to a communal decision based only on individual bees' waggle dances.

Take a tour of organic matter and look at what is lurking in the leaf litter.

Students will find out how agricultural and environmental scientists measure the biodiversity and abundance of species.

We'll consider how invertebrates influence the soil and apply some simple statistics to help us understand our dabbling in the detritus.

With our changing climate, regions are having to deal with increased risks of droughts and floods.

In this semi-corporative game, students will try to manage the flood risk in their region, relying on their knowledge of probability to make the best choices.

How many hairs are there on a human head? What is the probability of intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe? What is the GDP of a small nation?

Remarkably, it is possible to answer these questions more-or-less accurately, with minimal information.

Learn this valuable skill with the School of Physics, using a variety of examples from the sciences and humanities.

Why do crystals grow into such strong geometrical shapes?

Join us in the chemistry labs as we take a deep dive into what is happening in crystals at the molecular scale and what molecular shapes have to do with crystalline growth.

Learn the real meaning of “electromagnetic radiation” in this workshop as you use the permittivity and permeability of free space to calculate the speed of light!

Roll up your sleeves to take electrical measurements in the physics dry labs and be ready for some challenging calculations.

Mega Maths Day Flyer 2021

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