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Science students in the field

Unearthing Science

Energise the budding scientists in your Year 9 and 10 students
Introducing rural and regional students to the concept of independent scientific investigation, with a focus on environmental and ecological research.


Students are encouraged to think critically and curiously about the natural world through science.

Students are tasked with designing and carrying out a research project, collecting data from their own local environment or community, and presenting their work in a variety of communication pathways, including social media. They will do this through the help of our ‘portable labs’, packed with scientific equipment and sent to them to help guide and facilitate their investigations.

Support will be provided through guides on how to design good scientific experiments, and how to maximise the ‘portable labs’. Teachers can follow our recommended lesson plan, or work with us to tailor the program to suit the needs of the classroom.

Along the way, students will;

  • be inspired by a virtual Q&A with a current science researcher
  • given personalised tips and scientific feedback from experienced scientists at the University
  • get an opportunity to use their social media skills and promote their research to local councils and landcare groups.

Program dates

Unearthing Science is exclusively available for high schools in regional & rural areas of New South Wales.

The program is free and available to run in any school term, and you can register for any term ahead of the dates listed below corresponding to that term.

Registration deadline for 2019
Term 4 – 20 September 2019

Registration deadlines for 2020
Term 1 – 13 December 2019
Term 2 – 7 March 2020
Term 3 – 5 June 2020
Term 4 – 28 August 2020


To register for the program, please send an email with the following details:

  1. What are your contact details and position?
  2. How many students will be involved?
  3. How many teachers will be running your program?
  4. What are your teachers’ contact details?
  5. Which term would you like to run the program?

Limits of portable labs per school per term apply.

For any enquiries or to register, please contact;
Gabriel Nguyen
Science Communication Officer
Ph: 9351 4693

To register contact:

Gabriel Ha Nguyen

Science Communication Officer