Dr Indrek Pernik
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Dr Indrek Pernik

MSci Brist, DPhil Oxf
61 2 93513044
F11 - Chemistry Building
The University of Sydney
Dr Indrek Pernik

- MSci, University of Bristol, 2009

- DPhil, University of Oxford, 2014

- Research Fellow, Monash University (2014-2016)

- Research Fellow, Macquarie University (2017-2019)

- Resaerch Fellow, University of Sydney (2020 - Present)

- Organometallic chemistry

- Catalysis

- Reaction mechanisms

I am interested in using fundamental mechanistic concepts to design new organometallic complexes for catalysis.

Access to catalysts that can have the capability to facilitate challenging organic transformations, such as being able to take simple and readily available substrates, and turn them into useful precursors for material- or drug synthesis is highly desirable. My focus is dedicated on rationally designing transition metal complexes that can act as such catalysts.

Current teaching:

CHEM 3113/3193 Catalysis and Sustainability

- CO2 reduction (N-Formylation/Methylation)

- Bimetallic catalysis

- Hybrid catalysis using surface bound catalysts

- Photochemistry


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