Associate Professor Meredith Jordan
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Associate Professor Meredith Jordan

BSc PhD Sydney
Associate Professor
61 2 9351 4420
61 2 9351 3329
F11 - Chemistry Building
The University of Sydney
Associate Professor Meredith Jordan
  • BSc (Hons) Sydney 1990
  • PhD (Sydney) 1994
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow Research School of Chemistry, ANU 1994-95
  • Research Fellow, Girton College, University of Cambridge, UK 1995-98
  • ARC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Sydney 1998-2012
  • Associate Professor, University of Sydney 2013-
  • Potential energy surfaces for chemical reactions
  • Quantum and classical dynamics in chemical systems
  • Bonding in loosely bound systems
  • The theoretical interpretation of photodetachment and photodissociation spectra

My research involves the development of quantum mechanical models for the behaviour of bound systems (theoretical spectroscopy) and unbound systems (reactive and inelastic scattering). In particular I am interested in identifying the active degrees of freedom in relatively large systems and modelling these using accurate and reliable reduced dimensional quantum models. Some of my current research projects include studies of hydrogen bonds in model biological systems, the calculation of photodetachment spectra and understanding the nature of collisional energy transfer.

I am also involved in the development of new theoretical methodology for use in quantum scattering calculations.

  • Honours & Graduate Diploma Coordinator
Project titleResearch student
Method Development in Quantum ChemistryEllena BLACK
The importance of the ground state in the photochemistry of tropospherically relevant carbonylsMaggie CORRIGAN


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Selected Grants


  • The forgotten role of the ground slate in atmospheric photochemistry, Jordan M, Kable S, Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP)


  • Rational Materials Design: Gas Adsorption in Porous Crystals, Jordan M, Australian Research Council (ARC)/Discovery Projects (DP)