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Dr Alice Klein

Bachelor of Science (Honours) 2008, PhD 2016
After completing a PhD in the School of Chemistry, Alice now works as a reporter for New Scientist.
Portrait of Alice Klein

During her PhD, Alice designed new drugs for prostate cancer and tested them on artificially-grown tumours. After she completed her studies, she began working as a research assistant for the Tales of the Unexpected, a science documentary series by Genepool Productions. In the series she explored a number of unusual scientific conumdrums like the psychology of palm-reading and whether household chemicals can end up in breast milk.

In 2015, Alice started working as a reporter at Australian Doctor magazine. Her experience in media and communications then led her to accept a role at New Scientist as a reporter, where she remains today. The job has involved climbing volcanoes in Hawaii, chasing endangered tortoises in Myanmar, and giving her DNA over to science.

Alice was awarded an Excellence in Journalism award from the Society of Publishers in Asia in 2016. In 2017, she was published in the Best Australian Science Writing Anthology and won an award for Excellence in Pathology Journalism from the Royal College of Pathologists Australasia.