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Two Sydney scientists invited to speak at Royal Institution

13 July 2018
Prestigious spots to speak in London
Presenting at the Royal Institution in London is an honour for any scientist, so it's exciting that two of our scientists - Professor Zdenka Kuncic and Professor Geraint Lewis - are speaking in the same week.
Electric brain to illustrate synthetic intelligence

Both from the School of Physics in the Faculty of Science, Professor Geraint Lewis and Professor Zdenka Kuncic will present on their areas of research in engaging talks for the general public.

"I'm honoured to receive an invitation from such a renowned institution and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to share my research with an audience that values science as much as I do," said Professor Kuncic.

Professor Lewis will speak about 'The end of time: The future history of the Universe' on 24 July, which will take the audience on a journey through space and time, from galactic collisions and hyperactive black holes, on to the death of the last star.

He'll answer questions such as: Will there forever be stars in the sky? Will humanity roam the cosmos for eternity? What does the future hold for our Universe?

"This is a wonderful opportunity to stand in the same spot as some of the giants of science, and talk about the future facing our universe. Like the question of ultimate origins, the fate of the cosmos grips the public's imagination," said Professor Lewis.

Plus you don't have to travel all the way to London to see Professor Lewis' talk; he is also presenting it as a Sydney Ideas talk on campus on 16 August. Register for free to catch this exciting talk.

Professor Kuncic is presenting at the Royal Institution on 26 July on 'Synthetic intelligence', providing a tantalising glimpse into the possibility of synthetic intelligence in the not-too-distant future.

She'll discuss current limitations of Artificial Intelligence, what we know about how our biological brains think, and explore how we can replicate thinking with a man-made device.

Her talk will be hosted by Clive Cookson,the Science Editor at the Financial Times.

Both talks by our Sydney scientists in London will be filmed and available to watch on the Ri Channel within a few months. Subscribe for free to hear when new videos are released.

The Royal Institution was founded in London in 1799 and is an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. Over the centuries, it has employed eminent scientists such as Michael Faraday and Nobel Prize winners Lord Rayleigh, J J Thomson and Ernest Rutherford, as well as hosted invited talks by the most influential scientists in history, such as Nikola Tesla.

In contemporary Britain, the Royal Institution is famous for their Christmas Lectures which are televised over Christmas and watched avidly by the nation. The Ri has a huge science outreach program for the public.

Register to see Professor Geraint Lewis give his free Sydney Ideas talk on campus on 16 August 'The end of time: The future history of the Universe'.