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Kassal Group

Exploring chemical physics theory
Our work spans topics from fundamental chemical processes to advanced solar cells to quantum computing.

Our Research

We develop new theoretical tools for simulating the movement of energy and charge in disordered or dissipative materials, as well as their interaction with light. We apply our techniques to both next-generation materials and biological systems, with the aim of developing design principles for improving solar energy conversion. For calculations that are too hard for existing supercomputers, we create new methods that use quantum computers.

Our areas of research focus include:

  • Energy and charge transport
  • Organic electronics
  • Coherent light harvesting
  • Quantum simulation

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Join us

For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with us, please contact Ivan Kassal.

Ivan Kassal

Associate Professor
  • Room 543a, School of Chemistry Building (F11) University of Sydney NSW, 2006

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