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Molecular Photophysics (MP2) Group

From single molecules to devices
Our research is focussed on the optoelectronic properties of novel nanoscale semiconductor materials for solar energy harvesting, polarisation switching and polariton lasing.

Our research

Our research interests focus on understanding origin and evolution of photophysical properties of molecular materials (such as π-conjugated materials and quantum dots) bottom-up i.e., from a single molecule to bulk length scales by

  1. employing novel combination of techniques such as single molecule spectroscopy, chiroptical spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy and magnetic fields to probe photophysical properties,
  2. studying self-assembly mechanisms to understand build up of complex supramolecular architectures
  3. performing master equation simulations and theoretical modeling to understand the origin of functional properties

The research is aimed to deliver design rules for nanoscale build-up of functional materials with predictive structure-property relationships. The research projects are multi-disciplinary in nature with a crossover between optical spectroscopy, applied physics, computational chemistry and physical organic chemistry.

Research capabilities

  1. Single molecule fluorescence spectroscopy
  2. Time correlated single photon counting
  3. Photo-induced absorbance spectroscopy
  4. Angular reflectometry
  5. Chiroptical Spectroscopy (ns time resolution & temp. dependence) – CD, MCD, LD, CPL and FDCD
  6. Device fabrication and characterisation
  7. Drift-diffusion numerical device simulations

Our people

  • Dr Girish Lakhwani
  • Dr Randy Sabatini, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Julien Leoni, PhD Candidate
  • Ashish Sharma, PhD candidate
  • Yun Li, Honours candidate


For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with the MP2 Group, contact Dr Girish Lakhwani via Research Supervisor Connect.

Girish Lakhwani

Senior Lecturer
  • Room 358, School of Chemistry F11, University of Sydney NSW 2006

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