Payne Group

Applying the tools of organic chemistry to biology and medicine
Our research projects are multidisciplinary involving computer-aided drug discovery, solution- and solid-phase organic synthesis, compound screening technologies and crystallography.

Research in our group is focussed on utilising the power of organic chemistry, and developing new synthetic methods, to address problems of biochemical and medicinal significance. Projects are multidisciplinary in nature, involving a combination of solution- and solid-phase organic synthesis, flow-based technologies, computer-aided drug discovery, screening technologies and cutting edge in vitro and in vivo biology.

Our research

Research programmes that we are currently pursuing include:

  • New synthetic technologies to produce therapeutic peptides and proteins.
  • Discovery of new anti-infectives inspired by natural products.
  • Novel drug candidates for cardiovascular disease.
  • Synthetic vaccine candidates.
  • Development of peptide and peptidomimetic drug leads

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For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with the Payne Group, please contact Richard Payne.

Richard Payne

Professor in Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Room 545, School of Chemistry Building (F11) The University of Sydney NSW, 2006