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Animal science research

Covering a wide array of animal science themes
Our animal science research cluster includes animal behaviour and ecophysiology, animal production and welfare, genetics and genomics and more.

Animal health

We help to make animals healthier by working to minimise disease, infection and parasitism. We ensure that animals have diets that provide them adequate nutrition.

Animal production

Our research improves animal husbandry (nutrition, reproduction, genetics, management) to make the most of new opportunities in agriculture and to create a cleaner, healthier food production system for ongoing food security.

One health

One health is the interface between the health of animals and humans. Our researchers are investigating emerging infectious diseases of humans and animals, zoonoses and food security, particularly for those in the developing world.

Animal behaviour and welfare

Our team conducts research to assess animal welfare in companion animal and farm environments. We are working to assess methods for alleviating pain and stress in domestic animals. We collect data to investigate the precise methods that optimise animal performance and welfare on farm and off.

Fundamental biology

We are interested in the fundamental biology of life. This includes investigating the interactions between genes and the environment; understanding how gene networks interact, and developing the basic genetic tools to understand and prevent the expression of genetic disorders. We are also working to understand the biology of antibiotic and antifungal resistance; and discovering new antimicrobials.

Research groups