Dairy Research Foundation

Advancing dairy science and improving industry technical practices
Enabling research on pasture management, animal nutrition, whole farm systems and more basic studies - and communicating this work to the dairy and general community.

Our aims

  • Finance and undertake research relevant to the problems of the Australian dairy industry.
  • Promote the extension of worldwide research findings to the industry.
  • Provide advice to the dairy industry on practical problems encountered in the field.
  • Assist in the scientific training of experts to service the dairy industry.
  • Raise financial support for these purposes.

Our research

The Dairy Science Section has a proud record of research achievement in the areas of:

  • Milking Machine Design and Function
  • Lactational Physiology
  • Lipid Metabolism
  • The Partitioning of Nutrients during Lactation
  • Control of Enteric Disease in Young Calves
  • Artificial Induction of Lactation
  • Control of Milk Fever
  • Regulation of Lactation at the Cellular Level
  • Pasture-based systems
  • Feedbase
  • Forage Crops
  • Robotic milking and voluntary cow traffic
  • Advanced automation and Technologies for dairying

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For information about opportunities to work or collaborate with us, contact Professor Sergio Garcia via Research Supervisor Connect.

Yani Garcia

Director, Dairy Research Foundation, Professor of Dairy Science, Dairy Science Group Leader
  • 380 Werombi Road Camden NSW 2570 Centre for Carbon Water and Food C02F

Dairy Research Foundation