Extreme closeup of large carnivore's eyes (Copyright: Thomas Newsome)

Global Ecology Lab

Wildlife conservation and management
Established in 2018, the Global Ecology Lab seeks to understand how humans and wildlife shape and drive ecosystem processes.

About us

Much of our work is focused on wildlife that act as important ecosystem engineers, especially large carnivores. Our work provides solutions to the challenges of wildlife conservation and management in a rapidly changing world. Our research is led by Dr Thomas Newsome.

Our research

  • Washington Predator Prey Project (with the Predator Ecology Lab at the University of Washington, USA)
  • Trophic cascades and global extinction risk (with the Global Trophic Cascades Program at Oregon State University, USA)
  • Long term ecological monitoring in the Simpson Desert (with the Desert Ecology Research Group at The University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Behaviour, ecology and evolution of dingoes in the Tanami Desert (with the Central Land Council and Newmont Pty Ltd; multiple projects)
  • ProjectOzScav: evaluating the ecosystem effects of carcasses (project student: Emma Spencer at The University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Understanding human-carnivore conflicts (project student: Lily Van Eeden at The University of Sydney, Australia)
  • Urban Fox Project (project student: Margarita Gil-Fernandez at Macquarie University)
  • The ecological impacts of grizzly bears (with the Californian Grizzly Study Group)

Our team

  • Dr Thomas Newsome, Lead Investigator
  • Lauren Satterfield, student
  • Lily Van Eeden, student
  • Emma Spencer, student
  • Margarita Gil-Fernandez, student 

Our collaborators


For information about opportunities to study or collaborate with the Global Ecology Lab contact Dr Thomas Newsome.

Thomas Newsome

Lecturer (Academic Fellow)
  • Room 312 Heydon-Laurence Building A08