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Cognitive and Decision Sciences Research Lab

Investigating and improving our decision-making process
Find out how our research is developing our understanding of cognition and decision-making and how we can apply this knowledge in improving areas such as cyber-security and team adaptability.

About us

Our goal is to understand and improve the process of decision-making where it matters most. Projects can range from basic theory-driven questions to end-user-oriented needs. These include the likes of investigating the cognitive basis of individual and team-based decision making, to identifying the features of successful cyber-deception or the efficacy of simulation-based assessment and training for military personnel.

Our research

Our CODES members are currently running a variety of research projects. These range from large-scale collaborations with the Australian Defence Force to postgraduate and undergraduate theses.

Visit our website to learn more about our research.

Sabina Kleitman

Associate Professor
  • Brennan MacCallum A18