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Cognitive and Decision Sciences Research Lab

Investigating and improving our decision-making process
Find out how our research is developing our understanding of cognition and decision-making and how we can apply this knowledge in improving areas such as cyber-security and team adaptability.

Our goal is to understand and improve the process of decision-making where it matters most. Projects can range from basic theory-driven questions to end-user-oriented needs. These include the likes of investigating the cognitive basis of individual and team-based decision making, to identifying the features of successful cyber-deception or the efficacy of simulation-based assessment and training for military personnel.

Our research

Cognitive and decision sciences projects

Current research projects

CODES members are currently running a variety of research projects. These range from large-scale collaborations with the Australian Defence Force to postgraduate and undergraduate theses.

Our people

  • Associate Professor Sabina Kleitman
  • Professor Lazar Stankov, ACU
  • Dr Simon A. Jackson, Honorary Research Fellow
  • Matthew Blanchard, Research Assistant
  • Marvin Law, Research Assistant
  • Lisa Zhang, Research Assistant
  • Penelope Conlon, Content Manager

Samuel Jacobson, Research Assistant

James Forner, Summer Intern

Yixin Jiang, PhD Student

Adrian Chiu, Talented Student Program 2016

Farzana Shabnam, HCT Summer Research Scholarship Intern

Christopher Soto, Honours Student


Iain Crossing, PhD candidate

Karina Mak: Karina is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, Australia and a registered Psychologist. In 2016, she was one of eight Go-8 students selected to be part of the inaugural Westpac STEM PhD Program. She is currently part of the Customer Insights & Analytics team examining consumer behaviour. Karina previously consulted in Group Audit, within the private sector and spent several years in NSW government working in psychometric testing and assessment for recruitment and development purposes. Her research interests include the impostor phenomenon, self-beliefs, wellbeing and psychometric assessment in organisational psychology

Matthew Blanchard, PhD candidate

Marvin Law, PhD candidate

Philip Moffitt, PhD candidate

Dayna Fullerton, Honours student

Isaac Sabel, Honours student

Fenella Palanca, Intern

Benjamin Ni, Intern

Daniel Clopatofsky Sanchez, Intern

Recent news

Sabina Kleitman

Associate Professor
  • Brennan MacCallum A18