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Cognitive Individual Differences and Training Lab

Optimising training programs for healthy and clinical populations
With brain training receiving widespread attention as a means to enhance cognition, our lab seeks to gather and assess evidence to discover if brain training is effective and how it might be improved.

Our research

Our current research is funded by an ARC Discovery Project, 'Development of cognitive functions in adult populations'. Cognitive functioning has significant social, health and economic effects in the form of either benefits from improved functioning or costs due to cognitive decline. In the latter regard, an aging population presents major challenges to society.

This project will investigate the effects of different training regimes on cognition and a range of related outcomes, including transfer of skills, personality change and social functioning, on a highly innovative brain training app being developed in collaboration with the ABC. A large sample of Australians will be recruited by the ABC, who will communicate the research results, plus develop and deliver materials and programs based on the research findings to a range of different audiences.

Our people

  • Dr Damian Birney
  • Dr Vanessa Loh
  • Kit Double
  • Ms Shannon Webb
  • Mr Joel Bateman
  • Ms Natali Dilevski
  • Ms Sarah Walker
  • Professor Robert Wood, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health
  • Professor Sally Cripps, Sydney Business School
  • Mr Klaude Thomas, ABC


We regularly run a range of studies that look at cognitive training, performance, and confidence. You may register for our research program from our research portal.

You will get a chance to read about our studies in more detail and then provide consent for us to use your data.



Damian Birney

Associate Professor
  • +61 2 9351 2603
  • Room 452 Brennan MacCallum A18