A rare aquatic setting reserved for scientific research
One Tree Island Research Station provides a unique base and the facilities to conduct a wide range of experiments in a diverse coral reef ecosystem with very limited human impact.

Research into history of Great Barrier Reef helps us understand how it'll cope with anthropogenic climate change. 

One Tree Island Research Station is a strategically located facility within a scientific research (orange) zone which does not allow for the general public.

There are only two orange zones within the Great Barrier Reef, which means the Station allows for research in an area with limited human interaction and impact – a highly valued scientific benchmark.

The Station attracts researchers from across the globe and has contributed to over 400 research publications. Research has focused on, but is not limited to, climate change and bleaching, eutrophication of reef systems, carbonate chemistry, geology, sedimentation, and the ecology of reef organisms.

The station managers of One Tree Island keep an updated EndNote library of publications, email the station managers if you would like a copy. The Station also has a long-term data set of temperature changes across four different sites within the lagoon which can be accessed by visitors to the Station.

For more information regarding booking and costs associated fill in an inquiry form online or contact the stations managers directly.

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