Sinclair Lincoln Tran

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Advanced)
Sinclair is pursuing his Honours degree in Chemistry after completing the Chemistry Year in Industry Program. Through this program, he gained invaluable work experience and knowledge about the mining sector
Sinclair Lincoln Tran

Why did you decide to study Chemistry?

I chose to study chemistry at the University of Sydney as I enjoyed studying chemistry in high school and wanted to see where further study in the field could take me. While the university campus was an attractive factor, I was also interested in the research and learning from the talented academic staff in the School of Chemistry. Through my university degree, I leaned towards focusing on chemical biology and medicinal chemistry, which stood out most in my coursework.

What excited you about the Chemistry Year in Industry program?

I wanted to diversify my knowledge further, gain some industrial experience and get some more time working in the lab (especially to make up for the time I lost during COVID lockdowns), so I reached out and applied for a Year in Industry student position at ANSTO Minerals; the consultancy specialises in process development and research in the minerals processing industry. I greatly appreciated the opportunity to see different career pathways in chemistry, and gain skills and connections from them. It was also exciting to see first-hand the cutting-edge mineral processes that ANSTO Minerals is involved with, which is especially important nowadays to keep up with the demand from emerging technologies.

What was your biggest highlight working at ANSTO Minerals?

I really enjoyed my time spent setting up, operating and collecting data from the experiments I ran, since it let me experience a lot of the chemistry that was prevalent in the minerals processing sector  sector (contrasting the organic chemistry at university). Additionally, I experienced and appreciated the impact of my work on our clients, especially when the experiments were upsized to “pilot plant” scales – a prerequisite to building the full-scale commercial plant.

Sinclair Lincoln Tran

What skills did you develop during your program?

I learnt a lot about the chemistry involved in extracting resources like uranium and rare earth metals. I also learned how important high-quality metals are to our modern world. I also got to learn how scientific organisations operate on a day-to-day basis. Not to mention making a lot of friends along the way! It was a fresh and exciting experience, completely different from undergraduate chemistry labs and even honours!

Do you have any advice for students interested in taking the Chemistry Year in Industry program?

For those who are interested in having a taste of working in a laboratory before they complete their studies, I would recommend applying for a Year in Industry Position, especially at ANSTO Minerals, if you’re interested in the minerals processing industry. It’s okay if you aren’t the cream of the crop in terms of academics – they also look for eagerness, amicability, and most of all, a willingness to learn! Just don’t forget to practise your interview skills!