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Australia Awards

Your stay in Australia

If you change your address or telephone number, you need to email us at within seven days with your new details.

You also need to update your contact details through the Sydney Student (go to ‘My details’, then ‘Address and residency’).


Your student visa conditions outline any conditions for you (and your partner) to undertake paid work. You can find out more about working while on a student visa and get up-to-date information from the Department of Home Affairs website.

Your family

Your Australia Awards entitlements don’t cover your family members, however many students have their family join them in Sydney either temporarily or for the duration of their scholarship. The International Sponsorships team can help you with the documents needed for your family members’ visa applications.

Staying with you on your visa

If your family is joining you in Sydney as dependants on your student visa, contact the International Sponsorships team for advice and support.

We recommend you wait at least three months before bringing your family to Australia. This gives you time to settle in, find somewhere to live and adapt to your new study environment before you assist your family with their transition.

To bring your family to Australia as dependants, you will need to provide some documents. This includes:

  • a letter of support from the University. You need to submit a completed a questionnaire to the International Sponsorships team, who can then provide you with a letter of support.
  • a Letter of No Objection from the Australia Awards (DFAT) office in your home country
  • if you have school-aged children, evidence of having registered them with a public school in the area where you are living. The International Sponsorships team can assist you with lodging a school registration application form.
  • evidence of health cover for all your dependents for the duration of your scholarship. You can upgrade your student cover to family cover through Bupa Success Overseas Student Health Cover, or purchase separate cover for your family from another Australian Government approved provider.

Visiting you

Your family and friends can visit you during your stay in Australia, although we recommend they visit during semester break.

In most cases, they will need to apply for a visitor visa to enter Australia. You can find information about visas on the Department of Home Affairs website.

If University documents are required to support their visa application, you can download a Certificate of Current enrolment through Sydney Student to attach to the application.

International Sponsorships

  • Student Centre, Level 3 Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus
Last updated: 09 April 2024

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