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Australia Awards


If you experience any difficulties during your time studying in Australia, you can contact the International Sponsorships team to discuss your circumstances. We can help direct you to the support services available at the University.

  • There are many learning services provided by the University to help with your studies. This includes free workshops run by the Learning Hub (Academic Language and Learning) that can help you develop your academic study skills.
  • The Library provides resources to help you transition to University study and keep on top of your academic workload.
  • There are support services available to help you deal with the stresses of study or demands of balancing your University obligations and personal life. You can find information on health and wellbeing as well as counselling and mental health support.
  • Student representative organisations provide advice that is independent from the International Sponsorships team, the University or the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Speed meetings

If you are a new student, have struggled during your previous semester, or are completing an articulating or research program, you’ll be invited to a speed meeting with your Student Contact Officer (SCO).

These meetings provide an opportunity for us to monitor your academic progress and provide any assistance you need. In most cases meetings will take place twice a year and your attendance is compulsory.

If you’re a coursework student, you’ll need to provide us with a completed study plan. If you’re a research student, your supervisor needs to fill out a research academic progress report.

Supplementary academic support

If you believe you still need additional academic support, you may be entitled to access the Supplementary Academic Support (SAS) scholarship fund.


The International Sponsorships team can approve access to SAS in the following situations.

  • Your faculty has identified you as at risk of being unsuccessful in a unit of study or your course.
  • You’re completing an articulated program, meaning you’re enrolled in a graduate certificate or graduate diploma, and need to achieve a minimum average score to progress to your master’s degree.
  • You’re a research student completing your thesis.
  • You’re a research student attending an academic conference where you are presenting research findings directly related to your thesis.

SAS funding available

You are entitled to $500 worth of SAS funding each six months, for the period of your scholarship. This can’t be accessed in advance and is accumulated if you don’t use it. This means in your first semester you have $500 SAS funding. If you do not use this during your first semester, in your second semester you have access to an additional $500, bringing your total to $1000.

SAS funding can be provided for:

  • tutoring, where you have been deemed at risk or are completing an articulated program
  • professional editing to proofread your thesis
  • funding to help cover conference costs if you are presenting. Assistance can only be provided where you have exhausted all free academic support available at the University, such as the Postgraduate Research Support Scheme.

How to apply

To apply for SAS funding, complete the SAS Application Form (pdf, 160KB) and submit it to the International Sponsorships team with the supporting documents outlined on the form.

International Sponsorships

  • Student Centre, Level 3 Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus
Last updated: 14 March 2024

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