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There are certain conditions specific to Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT)-sponsored students that you need to follow when you receive your scholarship. If you need further advice, contact the International Sponsorships team.

Study load

Your scholarship requires that you study a full-time study load of 24 credit points per semester for coursework students. There are exceptions to this, for example if you are in your final semester of study and the number of credit points remaining to complete your degree is less than a full-time study load.

We will check your study load at the start of each semester and at the census date to make sure you’re meeting these requirements. Contact the International Sponsorships team at if you have any questions about your enrolment.

If you want to vary your study load, you need approval from the International Sponsorships team.

If you are a research student, you are expected to follow guidance of your supervisor and faculty. The International Sponsorships team will request a written academic progress report from your supervisor twice per year.

Intensive units

You may undertake intensive units over the Summer or Winter break to manage your academic workload. You need to contact the International Sponsorships team first to discuss how completing these units will affect your overall academic progression.

Credit, exemptions and waivers

If you are offered any form of credit, exemption or waiver, you need to contact the International Sponsorships team before you accept.

Accepting may affect your overall academic program meaning a reduction in your scholarship duration, stipend payments and length of stay in Australia.

At risk students

If you fail any of your units of study, you are at risk of not finishing your course within your scholarship duration.

We will meet with you to discuss your academic catch up plan and progression options. This may mean you receive one-on-one private tutoring or attend group tutorials.

If you’re in your first semester of study and feel that you are not keeping up with the demands of your course, or receive below a pass mark for an assessment item, you need to contact the International Sponsorships team. We will help identify extra support that you may need, including supplementary academic support.

After meeting with us, you’ll also meet with your course or unit coordinator to get feedback on your marks and discuss your academic needs. They may recommend a tutor for you to receive tutoring under the supplementary academic support scholarship fund.

Scholarship extension

In unforeseen and exceptional circumstances beyond your and/or the University’s control, you may be able to request a scholarship extension from DFAT. This does not cover health issues or family-related matters.

Scholarship extension requests may take a few months to process. If you think you need an extension, contact the International Sponsorships team at least six months before your current scholarship end date to discuss your circumstances.

Scholarship suspension

If you are experiencing issues that are affecting your studies, such as health problems or family-related matters, you may be able to suspend your scholarship.

You need to contact the International Sponsorships team to discuss your circumstances.

When your scholarship is suspended, you will return to your home country for an agreed period on time – you can’t stay in Australia. Once these issues are no longer impacting on your ability to study, you can return to Australia and recommence your scholarship.

Your scholarship will fund your flight home and return to Australia at the end of your suspension period.

Scholarship termination

In extreme situations and cases of unsatisfactory academic progression, we may recommend to DFAT that your scholarship is terminated.

This happens rarely, as we try to assist you with your studies while in Australia. If you feel like you are encountering difficulties with your studies or circumstances, contact the International Sponsorships team to discuss support services that can help you.

If your scholarship is terminated, you need to return to your home country and will be entitled to a flight back home.

International Sponsorships

  • Student Centre, Level 3 Jane Foss Russell Building, Darlington Campus
Last updated: 05 May 2023

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