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High-impact research through state-of-the-art infrastructure
Pursuing research excellence requires the latest innovative technology across all disciplines. This is why we're continually investing in world-class and openly-accessible core research facilities.

The University of Sydney’s core research facilities provide staff and students from the University and our partners around the world access to high-end research infrastructure and a range of related services to assist with specialist applications. 

Our research facilities bring together world-class instrumentation, outstanding people and excellent user-focused processes. They are intimately linked to our search for solutions to the most significant contemporary challenges in climate, health, food, water, energy, communications, transport, manufacturing, construction and national security. 

Core research facilities

National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy

The National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS) is a federal government initiative that provides funding for major research facilities, supporting infrastructure and networks to drive research excellence. NCRIS builds collaborations between researchers, government and industry to deliver practical outcomes to complex issues challenging our society.

The University of Sydney is involved in the following NCRIS facilities:

Core Research Facilities: research highlights

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Professor Simon Ringer

Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research Infrastructure)

Rebeca Gonzalez

Acting Chief Operating Officer, Core Research Facilities