Sydney Research Infrastructure Access Grants

Get funding support to access selected research facilities and service units

The Sydney Research Infrastructure Access Grants are designed to drive research excellence across the University by supporting access to research infrastructure where opportunity is otherwise limited.

The grants (formerly Core Research Facilities User Access Scheme) support access to selected Core Research Facilities and Research Service Units within the University. 

Application process

Please download the grant guidelines (pdf, 660KB) for details including eligibility, applicability, value, selection criteria, usage caps and award conditions. 

1. Contact your target facility/facilities

Discuss your project, your intention to apply for the grant, and your eligibility, with the facility/facilities you wish to use. Facilities will advise on the strength of the application, and how it may be improved (if applicable). Please review the guidelines before this. 

2. Submit an online application (below)

Address the basic eligibility and selection criteria, plus any unique criteria for your target facility. Include an outline of the research plan, the resources that need to be accessed (including instrument time), and the approximate cost.

3. Application reviewed 

The target facility/facilities will review your application and staff may contact you to discuss further.

4. Result notification

You will receive an email advising the result of your application. Turnaround time is approximately 15 working days from submission. 

5. Book facility access

If your application is approved, you will be advised by the relevant facility/facilities on how to register your project.

Note: Successful applicants agree to submit a brief report. Reports are due three weeks after exhaustion or expiry of facility credit, whichever comes first. Please submit to your target facilities using the report template (doc, 742.2KB).