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Sydney Manufacturing Hub

Delivering world-class capabilities in additive manufacturing and materials processing

The Sydney Manufacturing Hub is set to deliver cutting-edge expertise in additive manufacturing and materials processing to serve both fundamental and applied research.

We are in the process of establishing the Sydney Manufacturing Hub — a manufacturing-focussed research facility geared to enable concept-to-production demonstration capabilities, including advanced pre- and post-processing of materials. Situated in an outstanding new bespoke facility in the Engineering precinct of the Darlington campus, the Sydney Manufacturing Hub (SMH) will support advanced capabilities to make and process metals, ceramics and polymeric-based materials.

We are just getting started and are on-track to deliver capabilities for design, 3D printing, heat treatment, mechanical and topological characterisation and much more. Contacts follow below for detailed enquiries.

Our people

 Gwenaelle Proust

Associate Professor Gwenaelle Proust's research aims to understand the properties of materials and how we can improve their performance, ultimately leading to energy savings and to safer, more efficient devices. "My research focuses primarily on metals, including aluminium, steel, titanium and magnesium, and how they behave when subjected to an external load. It has applications in the automotive and aerospace industries in terms of making lighter, stronger components of land and air vehicles.

Associate Professor Proust is an academic at the School of Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering and is a part of the Australian Centre for Microscopy & Microanalysis.

View her academic profile here.

 Renee Barber

Renee has extensive experience in laboratory management and project management. Renee has worked at the University of Sydney since 2014, originally working as part of the laboratory management team for the Charles Perkins Centre and subsequently as a Project Manager for Campus Infrastrucuture Services, overseeing new laboratory fit-outs. More recently, Renee has worked for the Core Research Facilities as a Research Readiness Engineer, overseeing the installation of high-end laboratory instrumentation. 

As Operations Manger, Renee’s role is to manage the overall provision of operational and administrative services and to be a first point of contact for the Sydney Manufacturing Hub.

Katja Eder

PhD in Materials Science, The University of Sydney
MSc in Mineralogy, Universität Tübingen, Germany

Katja is a materials processing specialist with extensive research experience in working across a wide variety of materials. She is very experienced in understanding the microstructural response of metals and ceramics to various processing treatments and an expert in working with microstructural design and characterisation. She is experienced in focussed ion beam techniques, atom probe and electron microscopy.

Originally with a mineralogy background, she has moved from thinking about how nature changes the structure and properties of materials via geological process, to how we can purposefully engineer the properties and performance of materials. Katja received her Ph.D. from the University of Sydney in 2018 and has been working in the additive space since 2019. 

Katja’s role is to offer support and training to users for our 3D printing, melting/casting, and thermal processes.

Mehdi Eizadjou

Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering, 2017, The University of Sydney
M.Sc. Materials Science and Engineering, 2007, Shiraz University
B.Sc. Materials Engineering-Metallurgy, 2002, Sahand University of Technology

Mehdi completed his M.Sc. after studying novel microstructure-property relationships in Al alloys producing by accumulative roll-bonding (ARB) technique. He served as an research engineer on several industry-based R&D projects at Shiraz University. In 2017, he finished his Ph.D. on the design of the thermomechanical processing and materials chemistry for a new advanced high-strength steel. As a Postdoctoral Researcher, he has investigated the influence of processing on AHSS, high entropy alloys (HEA), and hardmetals. He is experienced across a range of materials processing tools and a range of microscopy techniques, inclduing in-situ techniques. 

Mehdi’s role is to offer support and training to users for our 3D printing, melting/casting, thermal processes and thermal analysis facilities.

Zach Stock

Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering, Diploma in Engineering Practice with First Class Honours (BE DipEngPrac), 2014, University of Technology Sydney
Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication (Heavy Fabrication), 2013, TAFE NSW
Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design, 2010, TAFE NSW

Zach has a background working with defence customers and leveraging the power of additive manufacturing to design unique products to suit particular needs. This experience was achieved through extensive R&D work in his previous employment at Thales Australia as Hardware Architect in the Vehicles and Tactical Systems and Underwater Systems business lines. 

Zach’s role is to offer support, assistance and training to users for 3D printing equipment, design for additive manufacturing and additive implementations.

Access our facilities

Provide us with your project goals and requirements, and our staff will put together a tailored registration and training program to ensure that you can make the most of our facilities.

  1. Consultation. Once we receive your project enquiry, our staff will work with you to put together a viable project design, taking into account factors such as experimental scope, instrument requirements, and budget. Our rates for 2021 are now available - SMH Rates 2021 (165 KB).
  2. Activation. We will assist you in registering your project and will guide you through any necessary formalities prior to project commencement.
  3. Induction. We will organise a bespoke instrument training program specific to your needs, giving you autonomous access to our facilities to complete your project.

Contact us with your project enquiries at

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General enquiries

  • +61 2 8627 7226
  • Sydney Manufacturing Hub Rm S260, Level 2 Building J07 University of Sydney, Darlington.
Delivery Address
Sydney Manufacturing Hub Building J07 Loading Dock Entry via Gate 2 University of Sydney, Darlington

Key industry partnership:

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