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Sydney Manufacturing Hub

Delivering world-class capabilities in additive manufacturing and materials processing

The Sydney Manufacturing Hub delivers cutting-edge expertise in additive manufacturing and materials processing to serve both fundamental and applied research.

The Sydney Manufacturing Hub is a manufacturing-focussed research facility geared to enable concept-to-production demonstration capabilities, including advanced pre- and post-processing of materials. Situated in an outstanding new bespoke facility in the Engineering precinct of the Darlington campus, the Sydney Manufacturing Hub (SMH) supports advanced capabilities to make and process metals, ceramics and polymeric-based materials.

We are just getting started as we deliver capabilities for design, 3D printing, heat treatment, mechanical and topological characterisation and much more. 

Access our facilities

Provide us with your project goals and requirements, and our staff will put together a tailored registration and training program to ensure that you can make the most of our facilities.

  1. Consultation. Once we receive your project enquiry, our staff will work with you to put together a viable project design, taking into account factors such as experimental scope, instrument requirements, and budget. Our rates are now available - SMH Rates 2023 (183.8 KB).
  2. Activation. We will assist you in registering your project and will guide you through any necessary formalities prior to project commencement.
  3. Induction. We will organise a bespoke instrument training program specific to your needs, giving you autonomous access to our facilities to complete your project.

Contact us with your project enquiries at

Acknowledging Sydney Manufacturing Hub

When writing up your research, please remember to acknowledge the role of our facilities and expertise. Acknowledgements demonstrate investments in equipment and people have led to important outcomes. Your publications, presentations, and posters are a vital part of the business case for ongoing funding of our imaging facility.

Please advise the Sydney Manufacturing Hub ( of any publications, presentations, and posters produced with the association of services provided by the Sydney Manufacturing Hub.

Here is an example of our acknowledgement:

“The authors acknowledge the facilities and the scientific and technical assistance of [insert names if relevant] of the Sydney Manufacturing Hub, a Core Research Facility, University of Sydney.”

Modern Manufacturing Town Hall co-hosted by Sydney Manufacturing Hub

General enquiries

  • +61 2 8627 7226
  • Sydney Manufacturing Hub Rm S260, Level 2 Building J07 University of Sydney, Darlington.
Delivery Address
Sydney Manufacturing Hub Building J07 Loading Dock Entry via Gate 2 University of Sydney, Darlington

Sydney Manufacturing Hub Case Studies

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Key industry partnership:

GE Additive

3rd Axis

Advanced Manufacturing in the media