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Heat treatment and melt processing

Cast metallic alloys and perform heat treatment testing
Our heat treatment facilities allow researchers to conduct thermal processes on metal, ceramic and polymer specimens in different environments, from oil and salt media to vacuum and inert gases.

Heat treatment

Nabertherm TR30 Drying Oven with BT 430 Controllers - Used for drying 3D printed ceramic samples with a range of working temperature between RT to 300°C.

Nabertherm TR60 Drying Oven with BT 430 Controller
Electric Drying oven large 0 – 300°C range

Nabertherm VHT 8/18 W
This 8 Litre capacity High Temperature Cold Wall Retort Furnace provides a specialist processing environment for the high temperature sintering of ceramics – in particular Silicon Nitride based materials that require circa 1,800° C and Nitrogen atmospheres to achieve full density. The interior dimensions of this furnace are (w/d/h) 170/240/200 mm with a maximum charge weight of 5 Kg. The furnace features a 30 segment/ 30 program library programmable controller.

Nabertherm VHT 45/15 Mo
This 45 litre capacity High Temperature Cold Wall Retort Furnace provides a specialist processing environment for the Heat Treatment of metal materials under atmospheric, Nitrogen or Argon Environments up to a maximum of 1,400° C. The interior dimensions of this furnace are (w/d/h) 300/300/500 mm with a maximum charge weight of 40 Kg. The furnace features a 30 segment/ 30 program library programmable controller.

Nabertherm LHTCT 08/16 (two units available at SMH)
This 8-litre, 1600°C rated furnace is able to regulate and adjust the temperature in the lower ranges as well as reach a maximum continuous temperature of 1550°C. It is used for both debinding and sintering ceramic materials such as TCP, silica and zirconium oxide, among others. As we also use it for debinding, our LHTCT 08/16 furnaces are fitted with a catalyst system separately controlled from the program controller. The interior dimensions of this furnace are (w/d/h) 170/290/170 mm.

Nabertherm LH 60/14
A 60-litre, 1400 °C rated furnace with 5-side heating, including charge control with Controller P 470 and automatic gassing system with integrated process documentation. Work space 300 x 300 x 300 mm. Tmax 1400 °C / Max. working temperature 1350 °C. Air or Argon Atmosphere.

Across International 125L 1700°C Max Controlled Atmosphere Muffle Furnace
Across International CF series muffle furnace with a 500 x 500 x 500 mm chamber volume. The furnace features a chamber insulated with high quality alumina fibre insulation and molybdenum di-silicide (MoSi2) heating elements for rated operation up to 1,700° C. A double walled steel internal housing helps minimize heat loss to exterior surface. Furnace operation is controlled by a robust Eurotherm 3504-500 segments digital controller with built-in RS485 digital communications port and USB adaptor, allowing the user to connect to a PC for remote control and monitoring of the furnace. 

Oil baths 

Three oil baths:

  • 2 x temperature ranges 800 – 2000 C  
  • 1 x temperature ranges 800 – 2600 C

Bath size 300 x 500 x 200 mm

Salt baths

Three salt baths:

  • Low Temp 4000 – 5500C - D200 x 400 H
  • Medium Temp 5000 – 8000C - D100 x 250 H
  • High Temp 8500 – 10500C - D100 x 250 H

Melting and Alloying Metals

Arc Melting is used for melting metals – typically to form alloys. Heat generated by the electric arc struck between the tungsten electrode and the metals serves to melt the metals placed in the water-cooled copper crucible plate with multi-purpose moulds to form alloys, in the form of button or rod samples. Repeated melting under argon atmosphere, to avoids oxidation of the melt, is performed to improve the homogeneity of the alloy.

Edmund Buhler Arc Melter AM500 is designed for melting samples of up to approximately 500g at temperatures up to 3,500°C. The AM500 equipped with additional 2-piece water cooled copper inserts inserts/crucibles for suction (rods with diameters of 5 and 6 mm) and tilt castings (rod with diameters of 10 mm).

The Indutherm VTC 200 Induction Tilt Casting machine is a type of induction melting and casting system that is used in the metal casting industry. It is a high-performance machine that is designed to provide reliable and efficient melting and casting of a wide range of metals. The VTC 200 uses induction heating technology to melt the metal, which is then poured into a mold to form the desired shape. The machine also features a tilt function, which allows for easy and accurate pouring of the melted metal. This machine is ideal for small to medium-sized casting operations.


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