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Characterisation and post processing

Design, build and charactise all in one place 

Our facility is equipped with a range of different characterisation equipment and pre and post fabrication tools to support mechanical testing and optimise designs.

Characterisation tools

This nano-characterisation system was relocated from the Engineering faculty and given a substantial upgrade. The TI-900 Tribo Indenter can perform high speed nanoindentation, scratch testing, hardness mapping and advanced property mapping. The system can also be used for conducting in-situ scanning probe microscopy imaging to get information about topography or radiant imaging.

This microscope allows for visualisation of nanometre surface contours using laser differential interference contrast (DIC), profile measurement and surface roughness measurement.

Equipped to handle large and heavy samples, the Vickers hardness tester can apply 0.3 - 30kg.

Used for sample preparation (particularly hardness testing).

Pre and post fabrication

Prefabrication includes various CAM and CAD software tools used to take models and parts from a digital form to code that various equipment within the SMH can understand. The post processing capabilities are tools to refine surface finish of printed articles including rumbling and bead blasting

  • EDM Makino U6 H.E.A.T - an advanced metal fabrication machine that uses an electric spark to cut and finish a metal workpiece to any desired shape.
    Table size: 4-Sided 910 x 710 mm
    Maximum cut dimensions: X: 650 mm Y: 450 mm Z: 420 mm
  • Glass Bead Blaster
  • Ceramic Rumbler -  for finishing of parts with 3 grades of rumbling aggregate available- fine, medium & course.