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Australian mobility grants

If you’re a current student and planning to study overseas, you may be able to access financial support through a mobility grant or scholarship.


These funding opportunities are offered in partnership with the Australian Government for short-term or semester-long study that provides credit toward your course. The largest support program is the New Colombo Plan (NCP) which has two streams of funding:

  • NCP Mobility Grants
  • NCP Scholarships.

For NCP Mobility Grants, funding is provided to the University to support specific projects. Most of these projects are run through our faculties. NCP Scholarships are for individual students nominated by the University.

We will advertise the projects available through channels including the Global Mobility Database. If you’re eligible, you can then apply. If you’re selected to participate, you’ll receive funding to support your studies dependant on the project and duration of study overseas. Places are limited and the project coordinator will make the final decision regarding your eligibility to participate.

Additional funding for exchange students

In addition to funding provided under the New Colombo Plan, the University provides scholarships for eligible students undertaking overseas exchange. Find out about the scholarships available and eligibility requirements.

The Government’s OS-HELP loans can also provide financial assistance for eligible students going on an approved exchange program or placement.

Mobility Sydney Global

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Last updated: 27 September 2022

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