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Facilitator profiles and awards

Our PASS facilitators are students committed to improving the learning experience of their peers. They develop valuable skills in leadership, communication, time management, stakeholder engagement and more, giving them a competitive advantage and foundation for a successful career.

Find out where some of their journeys have taken them, and see how they have benefited from their PASS experiences. Join us today and be the leaders tomorrow.

Adam Aziz

Degree: Master of Professional Accounting
Degree completion: 2016
Years active in PASS: 2 Years (2016-2018)
Subject(s) facilitated: ACCT5001(Financial Accounting), ACCT6001 (Intermediate Financial Reporting), QBUS5001 (Quantitative Methods for Business), QBUS5002 (Quantitative Methods for Accounting)
Current position: Auditor (Assurance), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Australia

How did you benefit from PASS?
Relationship management and communication are two essential skills that an employer is looking for in a potential employee. Of course, the grades on your academic transcript matter. And more importantly, your personality, communication skills and ability to manage expectations of relevant stakeholders count in a workplace.

Working as a PASS facilitator. I was able to develop these skills beyond classroom. In this role, I had the opportunity to develop my presentation and communication skills when I engaged with the audience daily. I developed my ability of active listing, empathy and skills of facilitating meaning discussions. It was not just a memorable personal experience for me. Such skills are also highly valued by my current and future employers.

I enjoyed my PASS experience from the very beginning of recruitment and assessment where I was coached with examples that helped me prepare for touch interview questions, right through to my daily practice in a workplace. Thanks to my PASS experience, I have been able to interact with my colleagues, managers and subordinates in a more confident and professional manner in my roles at the University of Sydney, Commonwealth Bank and now PwC Australia.

As a PASS facilitator, I also developed my time management and project management skills which helped fast-track my career. And the role of facilitator requires a customer focus and people-oriented approach, which made me stand out in my personal and professional life as I benefited from daily interactions with people from diverse backgrounds.

The cherry on this cake is the privilege of working with Jessica Morr, a mentor who tops the list of 'the best manager I ever had' for many people. It is an absolute delight to work with Jessica, and she has helped define my career. The guidance, support and mentoring that she provides is a draw card for someone interested in joining PASS.

Rita Mikhael

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) and Bachelor of Laws
Degree completion: 2017
Years active in PASS: 4 years (2014-2017)
Subject(s) facilitated: BUSS1030 (Accounting, Business and Society), BUSS1002 (The Business Environment), CLAW1001 (Foundations of Business Law), INFS1000 (Digital Business Innovation), ACCT6001 (Intermediate Financial Reporting)
Previous employment: Paralegal at Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)
Current position: Graduate-at-Law, HWL Ebsworth Lawyers

How did you benefit from PASS?
My experience with the PASS program has played an important role in developing my skills essential for the workplace. As a facilitator, I needed to quickly adapt my questioning strategies in response to students’ needs. This has honed my ability to remain flexible and adapt effortlessly to challenging situations, which I found is crucial to success as a graduate in any modern workplace. The communication and teamwork skills I developed as a facilitator have significantly increased my confidence and have been valued by my new team.

PASS also taught me the importance of managing time and staying organised. I was required to facilitate across multiple units of study, prepare multiple agendas each week and ensure that all material in each agenda was covered in the 1-hour time slot of each PASS session. I have learnt to work effectively under pressure, which is a requirement for any workplace, particularly corporate workplaces.

Finally, what I found most valuable about PASS is that the program provides enthusiastic and determined facilitators with fantastic opportunities to broaden their experience and work in leadership roles. During my 4 years in the PASS program, I was able to work as a discipline team leader, timetabling manager and senior mentor of the PASS team. Such opportunities are rarely available in other student jobs. As a result, this experience helped me stand out from other competitors when applying for competitive corporate roles.

Emily Rahme

Degree: Juris Doctor
Degree completion: 2016
Years active in PASS: 4 years (2011, 2013-2016)
Subject(s) facilitated: ECOF1003 (Understanding Business), ECOF1004 (The Business Environment), BUSS1001 (Understanding Business)
Previous employment: Global Markets Graduate, Citibank
Current position: Associate Lawyer, Clyde & Co

How did you benefit from PASS?
Working as a facilitator and team leader in the PASS program was instrumental in both preparing me for, and helping me secure, employment in the commercial world. Most importantly, PASS assisted me in developing and honing my communication skills, managing expectations and dealing with competing deadlines and related time pressures. These skills are crucial to successfully performing my role as a commercial lawyer, and previously as a graduate in an investment bank. Further, being able to effectively facilitate discussions with my colleagues and with clients has been a powerful tool in problem solving and in achieving desired outcomes.

PASS has also equipped me with invaluable practical and professional experience that I have been able to put in practice in other workplaces. In particular, PASS taught me the critical skills of reflecting and seeking feedback. The program places great emphasis on constant learning, growing and professional development. Having the ability to grow in this way without the need for direction or waiting for scheduled feedback sessions has enabled me to excel in my work and stand out among my colleagues.

Eunica Shaw

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce
Degree completion: 2017
Years active in PASS: 5 years (2013 – 2017)
Subject(s) facilitated: BUSS1001 (Understanding Business), BUSS1002 (The Business Environment), BUSS1000 (Future of Business), BUSS1030 (Accounting, Business and Society), ACCT2012 (Management Accounting A)
Current position: Graduate, Financial Services Transfer Pricing, Ernst & Young

Nothing could prepare me for a professional career the way PASS has been able to - in hindsight, my extended time at the university was a blessing in disguise.

PASS taught me to communicate effectively and encouraged me to articulate different opinions with confidence. The preparation of agendas each week pushed me to think outside the box (just because it isn’t broken doesn’t mean you can’t fix it) and have fun whilst doing it. In team meetings, I learnt to collaborate with various people and leverage their unique ways of thinking. Above all, nothing teaches you to think on your feet like a student who has read ahead of the class schedule. All jokes aside, I could not be more grateful for the time that I spent with PASS and the resources Jess poured into my professional development.

Masood Darwish

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce/Juris Doctor
Degree completion: 2017
Years active in PASS: 2 years (2016-2017)
Subject(s) facilitated: LAWS1023 and LAWS5005 (Public International Law), LAWS5006 (Torts and Contracts II)
Current position: Graduate Policy Officer, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Working as a PASS facilitator has enabled me to develop a plethora of valuable skills that I need in the workplace. Being able to communicate effectively is a quintessential skill to facilitate PASS sessions and also a key element for my current work practice. I am required to concisely articulate my views, decisions and thought processes, both orally and in writing, to engage a diverse range of audiences. I have developed exceptional interpersonal skills during my journey as a PASS facilitator. Such skills are instrumental in my current role as I need to constantly liaise, negotiate and manage expectations of various stakeholders from diverse cultural backgrounds.

I have also developed transferable skills like effective teamwork and collaboration, which are essential in my current role where I work closely on a daily basis with colleagues in my team and across multiple divisions on complex tasks and assignments. The continual process of providing and receiving constructive feedback as a facilitator has adequately prepared me for a working environment where consistent feedback and consultation is at the centre of improving productivity and work processes.

It requires demonstrated leadership and organisational skills to facilitate a PASS session. Such skills are pivotal in my current role where I take the responsibility of managing multiple projects and important events. Creativity and analytical abilities are fundamental to developing an engaging yet intellectually stimulating PASS agenda. This analytical rigour and creative drive is crucial to my current position, especially for academic-oriented and research-intensive tasks including forming multifaceted solutions to novel problems, developing briefs, writing reports, constructing assessments and contributing to research papers.

Adam Hanssen

Degree: Juris Doctor
Degree completion: 2016
Years active in PASS: 2 years (2015-2016)
Subject(s) facilitated: LAWS 1012 and LAWS 5001 (Torts), LAWS5006 (Torts & Contracts II)
Current position: Lawyer, MinterEllison

PASS provided me with an unparalleled opportunity to develop a wide range of skills. I improved my communication skills greatly, working as a PASS facilitator. I also improved my ability to empathise with students and identify the issues that they faced. Furthermore, I was able to advance my analytical skills to break  down complicated legal issues to comprehensible and relevant concepts. I worked with other facilitators as a team to drive sessions aiming to identify and overcome key difficulties in the study of law. I learned the importance of working in a team and striving to achieve consensus on difficult matters. I also learned to accept and implement constructive feedback. Finally, preparing for sessions required significant organisational skills. This allowed me to further develop my ability to manage time and competing deadlines.

Ivan Li

Degree: Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
Degree completion: 2016
Years active in PASS: 4 years (2013-2016)
Subject(s) facilitated: LAWS1015 (Contracts), LAWS1017 (Torts and Contracts II), FINC2011 (Corporate Finance I), FINC2012 (Corporate Finance II), FINC5001 (Capital Markets and Corporate Finance)
Current position: Lawyer, MinterEllison

Working in the PASS team helped me grow throughout my university years, both personally and professionally. This experience played a significant role in preparing me for the workplace. It developed my ability to deal with tricky situations as I constantly found myself being 'put on the spot' and forced to 'think on my feet' during a PASS session. Being a PASS facilitator not only challenged me to gain a deeper understanding of course content, but also honed my ability to be able to deliver ideas and concepts succinctly and clearly without dominating a discussion, a skill that is becoming increasingly valued in the workforce. PASS also provided me with a variety of leadership opportunities, such as being a team leader, statistical analyst and assistant coordinator. Over time, these experiences and responsibilities have really built up my confidence in everything that I do and made a lasting impact on my life including my current work.

When it came to apply for jobs, I found my experience at PASS highly valued by potential employers for the soft skills that I have developed during the course, for example, interpersonal skills, leadership, time management, professionalism, working effectively in a team or receiving and giving feedback to others. Joining the PASS team has provided me the perfect opportunity to develop these skills, and equipped me with a myriad of impressive examples to answer interview questions.

Another key benefit, often overlooked, as part of the PASS team that is the people you meet. The PASS program enabled me to meet other facilitators who are the most genuine, friendly and fun people I've met at university, and also alumni who have become lawyers, judge's associates, investment bankers, consultants and many other amazing professions. I had already become part of a far-reaching network before I started a full-time job.

Winnie Liu

Degree: Juris Doctor
Degree completion: 2016
Years active in PASS: 2 years (2015-2016)
Subject(s) facilitated: LAWS5002 (Contracts), LAWS5004 (Criminal Law)
Current position: Solicitor, Herbert Smith Freehills

Being a PASS facilitator was one of the most enriching experiences for me at Law School. The program connected me to like-minded individuals who shared a common goal of enhancing student learning. Through PASS I had the opportunity to engage with students and the faculty to improve learning outcomes and negotiate greater access to learning resources for those students. PASS teaches you to be organised and forces you to think on your feet. PASS facilitators are leaders and mentors who not only provide academic support but also offer guidance and advice to students in the process of transitioning to university life. As the law team leader, I was able to further develop my leadership skills through working with and learning from Jess and an incredible team of facilitators. PASS is a highly valued program in the Law School. My experience as a PASS facilitator enabled me to take on a position as a tutor in Contracts in 2018. In addition to all the above, PASS makes excellent conversation during interviews. It would be a wasted opportunity not to discuss it with your interviewer!

Our PASS program is the most awarded program in the Australasian region. Over the past 11 years the program has won consecutive awards, across the institutional, national and international levels. 

The program has greatly enhanced peer education and student engagement, and contributed to the overall satisfaction of our students’ university experience. Students from the University of Sydney Business School and Law School have been recognised for their contributions in the 2018 Australasian Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) Leader Awards.

Australian PASS award winners

Outstanding Supplemental Instruction Program - 2020 International Centre for Supplemental Instruction, University of Missouri

The International Centre for Supplemental Instruction at the University of Missouri, in Kansas City, has chosen Sydney's PASS as this year's Outstanding Supplemental Instruction Program.

PASS at the University of Sydney, has grown since its implementation in 2005 to provide 200+ hours of support with a weekly capacity for 3600+ students. PASS will be implemented in 32 units in 2020, supporting core and transitional units in the Business School, Law School and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. The impact of PASS is significant with not only a consistently high participation rate, but also enhanced student academic performance and a high satisfaction rate amongst students and facilitators.

Read more about the award for our PASS program.

Anastasia Radievska - 2018 Australasian PASS Leader Award

Anastasia has demonstrated an extraordinary commitment not only to building her own skills as a facilitator, but also to delivering an active learning environment for her peer participants. Her focus on student collaboration has required Anastasia to cultivate strong questioning techniques and engaging materials to allow students to learn on a deeper level; both of which are the essence of the PASS model.

In addition to her in-class strategies, Anastasia’s commitment goes beyond the classroom as she manages the administration and execution of timetabling for the entire team each semester. She embodies the true spirit of the PASS program and it is an honour and a privilege to have someone so engaging and dedicated to student learning in the Sydney Law School.

University of Sydney Business Law Team: Karen Gan, Bryan Dai, Luna Jia and Stephanie Noronha - 2018 Australasian PASS Team Award

Under the mentorship and guidance of their team leader, Karen Gan, the Business Law team has contributed significantly to the academic achievements of both their undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts, as well as well as helping students develop their critical thinking skills.

The challenges faced by this team were plentiful, including facilitating a high percentage of international students, and facilitating a unit with challenging reading materials. The strategy and emphasis was consistently on collaboration to transform the traditionally independent self-study of law into one that the PASS model prescribes; an active learning environment.

The University of Sydney Business Law PASS team are truly deserving of the honour of this award.

Rita Mikhael - 2017 Australasian PASS Leader Award

Rita Mikhael was awarded the Australasian Outstanding Senior Leader prize for her exceptional contribution to peer education. Rita quickly became an indispensable member of the PASS team through her contribution in multiple role as facilitator, discipline team leader and PASS mentor during 4 years.

Rita’s true embodiment of the PASS spirit shines through her professionalism, superior interpersonal skills and communication skills which have allowed her to cultivate strong relationships with her peer students and university academic staff. Her demonstrated interest in the welfare of her colleagues, students and PASS program, as a whole, makes her a valuable asset to not only her discipline teams, but also the wider PASS community.

Law Team - 2016 Australasian PASS Leader Award

Law Team is the second University of Sydney PASS team to be awarded the Australasian "Outstanding PASS Team” of the year, by the PASS Australasian Centre. The team consists of (top - bottom, left - right) Jialu Xu, Henry Cooper, Musood Darwish, Anna de Sterke, Michael Gvozdonovic and Adam Hanssen. The evidence of the team’s success and hard work not only comes through the enhanced grades that their students have achieved but also the extremely positive feedback from all stakeholders. The International Judge, Catherine Unite, from the University of Texas Arlington, commended the team on their understanding of peer learning theory as demonstration by their outstanding performance, commitment and leadership. They deserve such an achievement for their dedication to the student experience and mental wellbeing of their students in these highly competitive courses.

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