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Become a peer mentor

Medicine and health

Sydney School of Health Sciences

Belong@FHS is the mentoring program in the Sydney School of Health Sciences. The program runs through Semester 1 with two mentors being teamed up with a group of six to eight first-year students.

What’s involved

As a mentor, you are required to:

  • complete an online training module during the Summer break
  • attend a face-to-face training session (Cumberland students only)
  • actively participate in Faculty Welcome week (where you will meet your mentees for the first time and show them around campus)
  • facilitate formal mentoring sessions outlined in the Belong@FHS programs.

Undergraduate Cumberland students can find more information on the Belong@FHS Cumberland program (pdf, 38KB).

You need to read the Belong@FHS Code of Conduct for mentors (pdf, 61KB) before you register. This outlines the expectations for mentors in the program.

Super Mentors

There is a team of Super Mentors at each campus who take on additional leadership roles. This includes coordinating various components of the Belong@FHS program, helping organise social events and taking on some administrative tasks. If you would like to volunteer as a Super Mentor, email us at

Additional benefits of being a mentor

As part of the mentor program, you will get training in cultural awareness and interpersonal and communication skills. You will have the opportunity to meet faculty alumni and receive a certificate signed by the Associate Dean Learning and Teaching. There will also be free lunches and social events during the program.


You can register to be a mentor if you are in at least your second year in an undergraduate (or combined) degree in the Sydney School of Health Sciences.

How to register

Applications are currently closed.

If you and a friend would like to be allocated as mentors in the same group, you can create a unique passcode and both quote this on your registration.


You will be given an online training module to complete. You also need to attend a face-to-face training session where you participate in workshops that equip you with the tools you need to be a mentor. Many of these skills also transfer to your role as a health professional in training.

During the training you will:

  • extend the skills developed in the online training module
  • participate in activities to develop cultural awareness
  • learn about the changes in your degree for new students
  • enhance your understanding of the key people and processes in Health Sciences learning and teaching
  • make friends, share a meal and learn about opportunities for further leadership development.

If you can’t attend training, you may still be able to participate in the program. Contact to discuss your situation.

Faculty of Medicine and Health


The Sydney Nursing School runs a mentoring program for commencing students. Contact the School for more information on volunteering as a mentor.

Sydney School of Health Sciences - Belong@FHS

Last updated: 10 August 2023

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