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International Industry Placement Program

USA Industry Placement Program

The USA IPP provides a unique and exciting opportunity to live and work in the heart of New York City for six weeks during the summer vacation period, 11 January to 21 February 2025. This comprehensive academic, professional and cultural experience will position you well for a global career. In 2025, the program will be delivered in partnership with The Intern Group

By participating in this program, you will:

  • intern full-time for up to 40 hours per week in an unpaid internship, while concurrently working on assignments from the University
  • receive a total of six credit points towards your degree by successfully completing the Business School elective or selective unit of study and the work experience component
  • have the opportunity to develop professional networks through networking activities and events facilitated by The Intern Group.

The program cannot count towards your major, minor or specialisation. As you’ll need to have at least six credit points of elective or selective space available to participate, we recommend planning your degree early to ensure you have the credit points available. Check your handbook for more information on how this unit can contribute towards your degree.

If you're approved to participate in this program, make sure you read the student responsibilities statement to ensure you understand your responsibilities.

A minimum enrolment number is required for the unit to proceed. If minimum numbers are not met the unit may be cancelled.

This program is open to eligible Business School students.



To be eligible to apply you need to be enrolled in one of the following Business School degrees:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (including combined degrees)
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Commerce (Extension)
  • Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting and Business Performance.

You'll also need to:

  • maintain a WAM of 60 (or above)
  • have completed a minimum of 24 credit points of business units by the end of Semester 1 2024
  • have six credit points of available space in your degree.

How you'll be assessed

Enrolment into the USA IPP is competitive. Students will be assessed against selection criteria based on:

  • business acumen
  • teamwork
  • leadership
  • business communication
  • critical thinking. 

These will be assessed through a written application and online assessment task. These activities are designed to mirror a graduate recruitment process. 

Additional requirements

If you're selected into the program, you may also be asked to participate in placement interviews and activities with our third-party provider and host organisations. 


If you will complete the requirements of your degree before completing the IPP and the associated unit of study, you are not eligible to apply.

You can check whether you have six elective credit points of available space in your degree. Please select 'Request a degree check' from the dropdown menu and note that this process may take up to 10 working days.

How to apply


Online application

You will need to lodge your application through Sonia Online by the application deadline. You can find instructions in the Sonia Online application user guide (pdf, 759KB).

As part of your application you will be asked to include:

  • a copy of your resume. We recommend that you use the resume templates available on the Careers and Employability Office Canvas site when preparing your resume
  • a copy of your academic record printed from Sydney Student
  • supporting documents (if you're applying for a scholarship)
  • an image of your current passport identification page.

Your documents need to be submitted as a single Microsoft Word document, no larger than 12MB.


Online assessment task

Once applications have closed, we will email your University student email account with instructions to complete your industry placement program online assessment task. This assessment task will be administered via Canvas, and a link to the task will be provided in your emailed instructions.

Your application will not be accepted if it is incomplete or submitted after the deadline.

Key dates

USA Industry Placement Program Intensive February 2025
Placement duration 6 weeks from 13 January to 21 February 2025 (5 days per week)
Application deadlines Applications open from 9 am, 25 March 2024 Sydney local time.
Applications close at 12 pm, 10 May 2024 Sydney local time.
Online assessment task (additional recruitment activities may be required) Online link is sent out on 17 May 2024 Sydney local time.
Assessment task deadline is 11.59 pm, 19 May 2024 Sydney local time.
Students notified of initial outcome of application (approval is subject to release of results in July for any first semester applicants) 31 May 2024
Students notified of acceptance into program 5 July 2024
Students' confirmation of participation and deposit due (non-refundable unless program is cancelled by the University of Sydney) 11 July 2024
Full program fees due (non-refundable unless program is cancelled by University of Sydney) 25 July 2024
Compulsory pre-departure training To be confirmed
Arrive in New York 11 January 2025
Depart from New York 22 February 2025

Placement and study requirements

Unit of study

If you’re successful in the application process and offered a placement, you’ll be enrolled in the USA Industry Placement Program unit of study - BWIL2215 for undergraduate students or BWIL6215 for postgraduate students. 

To satisfy the requirements for this unit, you’ll need to complete:

  • your work placement in the USA
  • preparatory coursework in reflective and professional practice
  • additional coursework focused on developing reflection skills, critical thinking and research methods, report writing and other professional writing skills.

Assessment tasks will focus on facilitating learning by reflecting on the placement and study abroad experience.

Your final grade will be recorded as Satisfied requirements (SR) or Failed requirements (FR) on your transcript. Individual assessments will also receive an SR or FR rather than a grade or mark. There is no impact on your Weighted Average Mark (WAM) as units that are assessed only as pass/fail are excluded from WAM calculations. 

Work placement

You’ll work five days per week, with specific hours being determined by the host organisation before you commence your placement. Our third party provider will provide you with a work statement outlining the main tasks and objectives of your placement. This may be reviewed periodically due to the changing work environment. Our third party provider together with the Business School will assist if you have any concerns during your placement. 

You’re expected to represent the University and host organisation in a positive manner. Inappropriate behaviour or misrepresentation of the University's name and resources, either professionally or otherwise, may result in immediate termination from the program.

During your placement, you’re not permitted to seek additional placements or work arrangements.

Placements are limited, competitive and cannot be guaranteed. They are arranged on a best-fit basis, where the needs of the organisation and the student are matched. This may be based on your major/specialisation, the placement outline and the organisational culture.

You’ll have access to support from a leading academic from the Business School while undertaking your placement.

Financial information

Fees and costs

Program package fee

The program package fee is A$10,200 for a shared room. A deposit of A$2000 is due by 9 am (Sydney local time) on 11 July 2024. The balance of the program fee is due by 12 pm midday (Sydney local time) on 25 July 2024. The fees are to be paid in Australian dollars.

The fee includes:

  • six weeks accommodation in New York
  • professional internship placement
  • visa assistance
  • airport pick-up
  • 24/7 in-country support
  • cultural and social events
  • professional development
  • local SIM card
  • unlimited confidential access to professional mental health services.
Unit of study tuition fee You'll need to pay tuition fees for the BWIL2215/BWIL6215 unit of study which is separate to the program fee. The fee debt will be incurred after the Intensive February census date (31 January 2025).
Additional costs

Additional costs you’ll also need to pay include:

  • visa fee of $1500. This fee is determined and collected by the United States government
  • travel expenses including airfares, in-country transport fares and transfers
  • food and incidentals
  • any additional accommodation you arrange yourself if you choose to stay before or after the program.

Financial assistance

This placement is unpaid in order to meet the Fair Work Act. You may be eligible to apply for financial assistance to cover the cost of some of your overseas travel and study expenses.

Business School scholarships

The University of Sydney Business School offers a limited number of scholarships to eligible students who successfully enrol in this program. Scholarships are available under two categories: Merit & Leadership and Equity & Merit. The number and value of each scholarship will be determined by the Business School.

You’ll need to apply at the same time as you apply for the program by completing the relevant section on the application form and providing supporting information. Late submissions will not be considered.

Priority will be given to students participating in their first work-integrated learning unit of study. If you have previously received a scholarship or funding (including a Business School scholarship, NCP, Endeavour, Vice-Chancellor's Global Mobility Scholarship or Award) for any Business School work-integrated learning unit of study, you will only be awarded a second scholarship or funding in exceptional circumstances.


If the program is cancelled by the University prior to 11 January 2025, you’ll receive a 100% refund of the program fee.

If you withdraw from the program after paying the deposit or the full program fee, you won’t be entitled to a refund for any of the program fee.

The University will not refund any additional or personal expenses you incur, even if the program is cancelled by us.

The University’s standard policies apply to the refund of the unit of study tuition fee if the unit is cancelled or you withdraw.

Travel arrangements

Passport and visa

You’ll need a current passport with six months validity after your date of return and a visa.

Assistance obtaining the appropriate visa will be provided by The Intern Group when your placement is confirmed however you are responsible for obtaining your visa before you depart. We strongly advise that you don’t travel overseas until you receive your visa. Unforeseen delays in the visa application process may mean you are not permitted to enter the USA to undertake their placement.

Travel insurance

You’ll be covered by the University of Sydney travel insurance for the duration of the program.

You won’t be covered for periods of extended personal travel taken before, during or after the approved University travel activity.

Flights and transfers

You’ll need to organise your own travel to and from the USA, ensuring you arrive in New York by Saturday, 11 January 2025 to attend the mandatory orientation and briefing session.

We strongly advise that you do not confirm or pay for your flights until you’ve been officially accepted into the program and your placement has been confirmed. We also encourage you to consider booking fully flexible airfares.


Due to the high cost of accommodation in New York, risk policy and management requirements, the University will arrange twin-share accommodation for students. You’re required to stay in this accommodation for the duration of the six-week program, and must remain in New York. In order to meet the program’s risk protocols, you won’t be able to stay with family or friends or arrange your own accommodation during your placement.

If you’re concerned about twin-share accommodation, you can contact the unit of study coordinator to discuss an alternative arrangement. Additional costs apply to alternative accommodation arrangements.

Your accommodation will be available from Saturday, 11 January to Friday, 21 February 2025. You must check out of the accommodation on Saturday, 22 February 2025. 

Rooms will be allocated by the unit of study coordinator. 

If you need accommodation before or after these dates, you’ll need to arrange this yourself at your own expense.

Withdrawing from the program

If you need to withdraw from the program, please email

Make sure you read our information about refunds.


You are expected to agree to photographs and video taken in connection to the program being used for marketing purposes by the University of Sydney Business School and partner organisations. You may also be invited to participate in the marketing and promotion of the placement program by sharing your experience.


Student information as required for administering all aspects of the program will be transferred from the University of Sydney Business School to partner and host organisations.

More information

If you have any questions about the program, or wish to discuss special circumstances, you can contact us at

Last updated: 29 April 2024

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