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Business placements, projects and study tours

Experience in Industry

In recognition of the value that experiential learning adds to the development of a student’s employability skills, the Business School is offering the opportunity to earn six credit points for a placement that you have sourced yourself. This could be:

  • an unpaid placement during semester teaching weeks
  • a paid placement during semester or concluding no more than six weeks before the start of semester.

Placements need to be relevant to your business studies and meet the learning outcomes for the unit of study. As a part of the application process, you will need to demonstrate how your work experience is relevant to your degree.

The program cannot count towards your major, minor or specialisation. As you’ll need to have at least six credit points of elective or selective space available to participate, we recommend planning your degree early to leave yourself room. Check your handbook for more information on how this unit can contribute towards your degree.

If you're approved to participate in this program, make sure you read the student responsibilities statement to ensure you understand your responsibilities. 

A minimum enrolment number is required for the unit to proceed. If minimum numbers are not met the unit may be cancelled.

This program is open to eligible Business School students.



To be eligible to apply you need to be enrolled in one of the following Business School degrees:

  • Bachelor of Commerce (including combined degrees)
  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Commerce (Extension)
  • Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting and Business Performance
  • Master of Human Resources Management and Industrial Relations
  • Master of International Business.

You will also need to:

  • have completed a minimum of 24 credit points before you begin the program
  • have six credit points of available space in your degree.

Placement conditions

The placement can be for a current or different role within a workplace where you are currently employed, but it must:

  • meet the criteria for a placement as determined by the Business School 
  • be related to your studies
  • provide adequate supervision.

Your host organisation needs to be based in Australia.

The following situations are not permitted:

  • working for your family business or where an immediate family member (eg. parent, partner or sibling) will be the placement supervisor
  • organisations with fewer than five staff employed
  • retail assistant or hospitality front of house roles such as bar attendants and waiters
  • work involving any illegal activity
  • jobs that offer less than award wages (if it is a paid internship)
  • jobs offered by a foreign employer for work in Australia, but who does not have an established Australian office
  • a role in a tobacco company
  • work that will take place at a residential address other than working from home arrangements approved by WIL Hub
  • tutoring companies

If you will complete the requirements of your degree before completing the program and the associated unit of study, you are not eligible to apply.

How to apply


Enrol in the unit of study

Source your placement and select the relevant units in Sydney Student:

  • BWIL2150 for undergraduate students
  • BWIL6150 for postgraduate students

Once you are enrolled, the WIL Hub placements team will email you with further information about the application process.

You can visit the Careers and Employability Office Canvas site for job search and career advice and to access a range of resources to assist you with your career planning.


Online application

Apply via the Sonia Online platform. We’ll send you instructions on how to do this once you have enrolled in the unit.

As part of your Sonia application, you will be asked to include:

  • details of your placement and host organisation
  • a statement outlining how your work experience is relevant to your degree.

If your placement meets the requirements, we'll send your host organisation placement paperwork to complete.

Key dates

  • You need to enrol in the unit by the end of Week 2 no matter if the placement is completed during the semester or before the semester.
  • You also have to find your own placement and complete all the required paperwork by Week 2.

Placement and study requirements

Unit of study

To be considered for a placement, you'll need to enrol in the Experience in Industry unit of study - BWIL2150 for undergraduate students or BWIL6150 for postgraduate students. 

To satisfy the requirements for this unit, you’ll need to complete:

  • your self-sourced placement, which may involve a variety of different industry and client-based projects
  • assessment tasks, which will be detailed in the unit of study outline. These are designed to allow students to demonstrate their ability to apply and synthesise business concepts in a practical business setting.

Unpaid work placements

For unpaid placements, you'll be expected to complete a minimum of 40 and maximum of 210 placement hours during semester teaching weeks.

Paid work placements

For paid placements, you’ll be expected to complete a minimum of 140 placement hours directly before or during the semester.

You'll need to start your unit of study no more than six weeks after your placement.

Financial information

Fees and costs

You'll need to pay tuition fees for the BWIL2150/BWIL6150 unit of study.

The fee debt will be incurred after the semester census date.

Financial assistance

You may be eligible to apply for financial assistance to cover the cost of some of your study expenses.

General bursary

If you think you might experience financial hardship by undertaking this program, you can apply for a general bursary through Sydney Student (go to ‘My finances’, ‘Scholarships, prizes, bursaries and loans’, then ‘Apply for financial support’). These are valued up to $3,000 and can assist with essential living and study expenses.

In your application, you’ll need to:

  • state that you will be undertaking this program and
  • list the additional expenses you will incur whilst participating.

Your application will be assessed by the Student Life team.

Find out more information about general bursaries.

If you have any questions about financial support, or need help to apply, please reach out to Student Life by submitting financial support enquiry.


If you are unable to do the Experience in Industry unit due to financial constraints, the University of Sydney Business School offers a limited number of scholarships that you may be eligible to apply for. The University also offers a variety of scholarships to assist students with their studies.

Eligible students who have previously received a scholarship/funding (including Business School scholarship, NCP, Endeavour, VC Global Mobility Scholarship or Award) for any Business School work-integrated learning unit of study will only be awarded a second scholarship/funding in exceptional circumstances. Priority will always be given to students participating in their first work-integrated learning unit of study.


The University’s standard policies apply to the refund of the unit of study tuition fee if the unit is cancelled or you withdraw.

Withdrawing from the program

If you need to withdraw from the program, email


You are expected to agree to photographs or video taken in connection to the program being used for marketing purposes by the University of Sydney Business School and partner organisations. You may also be invited to participate in the marketing and promotion of the placement program by sharing your experience.


Student information as required for administering all aspects of the program will be transferred from the University of Sydney Business School to partner and host organisations.

More information

If you have any questions about the program, or wish to discuss special circumstances, you can contact us at

Last updated: 19 July 2024

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