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Applying for honours


To complete honours, you will need to complete coursework and a thesis as full-time study over your honours candidature. As a guide, you can expect to have 10-15 hours of class per week and regular meetings with your thesis supervisor. Success in honours requires a large amount of self-study, particularly in the development and completion of your research thesis. The time you will need to dedicate to your studies will vary, though should not be less than 30 hours per week.

We recommend you carefully consider the implications of attempting outside employment during your honours program, and whether you have the time and flexibility to achieve the best outcome in your coursework and thesis.


To be eligible for honours you need to:

  • achieve a WAM of 65 in your undergraduate degree
  • achieve a WAM of 70 in the senior units of study completed from the discipline of your intended honours subject area
  • complete a major in your intended honours subject area or in a related subject area. We’ll consider applications regarding related subject areas on a case-by-case basis.

You also need to meet additional requirements depending on the type of honours you’re applying for. These are explained below.

For Combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies:

  • you’ll need to have completed, or be on track to complete, all non-honours requirements of your degree by the end of your last semester of study. This includes both majors, all core units, all Open Learning Environment (OLE) units, Dalyell units (if you are in the Dalyell program) and any elective units. You'll also need 48 credit points remaining in your degree.
  • if you do not have 48 credit points remaining in your degree, please make an enquiry with the business school for advice.

For Bachelor of Commerce (Honours):

  • you’ll need to have have completed, or be on track to complete, the requirements for your Bachelor of Commerce or equivalent undergraduate degree by the end of your last semester of study.

Entry to honours is competitive. Places are often limited and depend on supervisors being available. This means entry to honours is not guaranteed by meeting the eligibility criteria and may require a higher WAM.

When to apply

All honours commence in Semester 1, there is no mid-year intake. If you’re offered a place in honours, you can’t defer your offer, you will need to reapply the following year. Your new application will be assessed for the subsequent intake, and it is not guaranteed that you’ll receive an offer.

If you intend to apply during the final semester of your undergraduate degree or combined undergraduate degree, it's recommended you complete all degree requirements during Semester 2. If you complete requirements during summer, you may not be awarded your degree in time for offers.

Applications are assessed in rounds. These are listed below in the table of key dates. We encourage you to apply for the earliest possible round as places may not be available in later rounds. Generally, you’ll be assessed in the round you submitted a valid application. However, we may also consider your application during a later round.

Key dates

The deadlines to apply, and when we'll notify you of the outcome, are explained in the table below.

Please make sure that you apply as soon as possible due to limited spaces and availability of supervisors.

Round Deadline to apply Applicants notified
First round 15 November 2023 Early to mid-December 2023
Second round 15 December 2023 Mid-January 2024
Third round 15 January 2024 Early to mid-February 2024

How to apply

As part of your application, you’ll be able to select two preferred honours subject areas. However, you should only nominate a second preference if you genuinely wish to be considered for this subject area.

Before you apply, make sure you read about the honours subject areas that interest you so that you know what documents and information to provide.

How you apply depends on the pathway. This is explained below.

If you're completing a combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies degree at the University, you can apply for honours through Sydney Student. Go to ‘Course details’ and then 'Apply for Advanced Studies honours’.

You don't need to include your university transcript with your application.

If you have already re-enrolled and selected advanced coursework units, you will need to remove these units before you can apply for honours.

If you're not completing a combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies degree at the University, you may be eligible to apply for a one-year appended Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) degree, which is open to both current and external students.

Information on the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and how to apply can be found in Find a course.

The documents you'll need to apply include:

  • proof of identification
  • current official transcript for your undergraduate degree
  • if you received credit for previous study or credit from exchange - the official transcript from the institution where you completed the study.

If you are completing a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws, you can choose whether you complete the Bachelor of Commerce (Honours):

  • after completing your Bachelor of Commerce. In this case, you'll need to defer Bachelor of Laws for one year
  • after completing your Bachelor of Laws.

Fees and scholarships

Fees for honours are the same as for other undergraduate programs studied at the Business School. Find out more about tuition fees. Check the Scholarships page for information about scholarships relating to Business School honours.


Commonwealth supported students who commenced their studies before 1 January 2021

The Australian Government’s Job-ready Graduates program made changes to fees for CSP students who commence a new course of study from 1 January 2021. Under the package, some students are 'grandfathered students', meaning they continue to pay their original fee rate. If you transfer to a new course to do honours, you may not be grandfathered and may be charged the new fee rates for honours. Read our page on the Job-ready Graduates Package for more information about the changes.

More information

Honours subject areas

Honours in Accounting provides intensive, small group training in critical skills such as problem identification, data collection, analysis and interpretation of data, and communication.

The honours year comprises three units of study completed during first semester, and a research thesis in second semester. The thesis is a closely supervised research project. Research areas reflect the interests of discipline staff, including corporate disclosure and accounting policies, the value relevance and analysis of accounting numbers, the history of alternative accounting systems, sustainability accounting, management accounting, audit and technology enhanced accounting.

You are not required to discuss your interest, or arrange a supervisor, before you apply. You are not required to include a thesis proposal with your application.

To discuss current research areas in Accounting, contact the Discipline of Accounting Honours Coordinator Professor Wai Fong Chua.

Honours in Business Analytics involves research on advanced quantitative techniques employed in a variety of domains such as business, science and engineering. Students will take three advanced units on statistics, optimisation and machine learning, as well as a year-long research project in a cutting-edge quantitative area. Potential research topics include statistics, econometrics, forecasting, machine learning, operations research, operations management and optimisation.

Completion of Honours in Business Analytics will prepare students for PhD research and highly sought-after industry positions involving advanced-level quantitative knowledge, such as data science. Skills developed include algorithm development, implementation, data analysis, research planning, project management, written and oral communication.

Potential students need to arrange a supervisor before applying. You can browse suggested Business Analytics honours research topics or look at faculty profiles to find potential supervisors. You are not required to include a thesis proposal with your application. To discuss current research areas in Business Analytics, please contact the Discipline of Business Analytics Honours Coordinator Associate Professor Jie Yin.

Students specialising in Business Information Systems (BIS) honours equip themselves with the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out research in an area of BIS. The specialisation develops the use of a variety of research methods; knowledge of recent developments in the theory and practice of BIS; in conjunction with a supervisor identifying a research topic, research planning, implementation and evaluation; and research writing - culminating in the completion of a dissertation. These skills are highly valued by many employers.

You’ll need to discuss your interest with the BIS Honours Coordinator, and arrange your own supervisor, before you apply. You are not required to include a thesis proposal with your application.

To discuss current research areas in BIS, contact the Discipline of Business Information Systems Honours Coordinator Dr Evelyn Ng.

Honours specialising in Finance at the University of Sydney Business School is a prestigious and highly sought-after qualification. Since their introduction in 1996, the Discipline of Finance has graduated over 200 honours degrees. This elite group of alumni have gone on to excellent graduate positions with leading Investment Banks, Investment Management, Private Equity firms and other financial services organisations. A number of these students have also undertaken PhDs in finance.

During the honours year, students work on a research thesis which allows them to develop expertise in a specific area of finance. It also provides students with considerable research experience and allows them to develop their writing skills and learn how to structure complex ideas. Much of the honours year involves independent learning which requires students to be highly self-motivated. Students must also develop time management skills and self-discipline. These qualities are highly sought after in the job market and are critical for successful careers after the honours year.

The honours program is highly competitive and you should only apply if you’ve achieved a WAM of 75 or higher in your undergraduate studies. If you’re assessed as potentially suitable, we’ll provide you with a list of potential supervisors and invite you to contact Discipline of Finance staff members.

We encourage you to apply by the first-round deadline. Students will have the opportunity to apply for the second and the final rounds, and offers will be made if places are available.

You will need to submit a thesis proposal as part of your application. This should be one to two A4 pages in length.

You are not required to discuss your interest, or arrange a supervisor, before you apply.

To discuss current research areas in Finance, please contact the Discipline of Finance Honours Coordinator Dr Juan Yao.

Honours study in International Business has a dual purpose. On the one hand, it is directed towards the development of the analytical and conceptual skills required to conduct independent research in the field. Those pursuing Honours from this angle may be interested in postgraduate study and an academic career, or in working as a research analyst in either the private or the public sector. On the other hand, honours in International Business also builds on and further develops the practical management skills acquired in the major program. From this perspective, the final honours year adds value to an undergraduate degree and can lead to a range of opportunities in private firms, NGOs, international agencies, and government departments.

You’ll need to discuss your interest with the International Business Honours Coordinator before you apply. You are not required to include a thesis proposal with your application, or to arrange your own supervisor before you apply.

To discuss current research areas in International Business, contact the Discipline of International Business Honours Coordinator Dr Huan Zhang.

Honours specialising in Marketing provides a high level of specialist training in the analytical and research skills required to solve problems in marketing practice and/or to prepare students for further studies in marketing (e.g. PhD). Past honours students from the Marketing discipline have gone on to a wide range of careers within marketing and wider business roles in world class companies including Microsoft, Proctor and Gamble, AC Nielsen and Clemenger.

The honours year allows students to develop a wide range of additional skills that are highly prized by employers in industry and government. Honours graduates are recognised as possessing levels of knowledge and skill well beyond those obtained by pass degree graduates.

You’ll need to discuss your interest with the Marketing Honours Coordinator before you apply. You are not required to include a thesis proposal with your application, or to arrange your own supervisor before you apply.

To discuss current research areas in Marketing, contact the Discipline of Marketing Honours Coordinator Dr Kiju Jung.

Students completing honours specialising in Work and Organisation Studies (WOS) are SURE: Smart, Unique, Ready and Employable.

The Honours year with WOS puts you in a smart cohort of like-minded, clever, sharp students with a passion for creativity, critical thinking, and research. During the honours year, you’ll work with an academic from WOS on a bespoke research topic that speaks to current challenges and problems in the workplace and across industry. Honours is a unique opportunity to turn your pass degree into something very special. Completing honours will give you the academic skills necessary to be ready for postgraduate study. Finally, honours with WOS boosts employability. Why? Because you develop your ability to connect with business and workplace problems and challenges. Honours graduates from WOS go on to leading roles in business, consulting firms and government.

You’ll need to discuss your interest with the WOS Honours Coordinator before you apply. You can choose to include a thesis proposal with your application to highlight your research interests, however this is not essential. You are not required to arrange your own supervisor before you apply.

To discuss current research areas in WOS, contact the Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies Honours Coordinator Dr Meraiah Foley.

Students from other faculties/schools

Provided you meet the eligibility criteria, you may apply for honours in a Business subject area if your undergraduate degree is from another faculty or school. Please consult with your home faculty/school regarding your pathway to apply – see academic advice for relevant contact details. After we assess your application, we'll forward it to your home faculty or school for joint approval.

Students in a non-business undergraduate degree combined with Bachelor of Advanced Studies may apply for honours as part of your combined Bachelor of Advanced Studies, through Sydney Student, provided you've met the requirements of your non-business undergraduate degree.

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