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Applying for honours

Education and social work


Commonwealth supported students who commenced their studies before 1 January 2021

The Australian Government’s Job-ready Graduates program made changes to fees for CSP students who commence a new course of study from 1 January 2021. Under the package, some students are 'grandfathered students', meaning they continue to pay their original fee rate. If you transfer to a new course to do honours, you may not be grandfathered and may be charged the new fee rates for honours. Read our page on the Job-ready Graduates Package for more information about the changes.

The Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Advanced Studies is a combined degree that offers an embedded honours program in your final year of study.

You can find information about honours on the Education and Social Work coursework students Canvas Portal where you will also find a list of available research topics and supervisors.

When to apply

Commencing Semester 1:
Applications open 31 August to 31 January.

Commencing Semester 2:
Applications open 31 March to 30 June.*
*Only some departments allow you to commence honours in Semester 2.

How to apply

You can apply for honours through Sydney Student (go to ‘Course details’, ‘Apply for Advanced Studies honours’).

As part of your application, you will need to select two honours preferences and a related major for each preference. You will then need to upload a written letter of approval from your coordinator with your application.

If you have already re-enrolled and selected advanced coursework units, you will need to remove these units before you can apply for honours.

What happens next

You can view the status of your application or cancel your request under ‘My requests’. We will email you with an outcome of your application once your semester results have been published.

If your application is successful, you will need to select honours units through Sydney Student. Contact your honours coordinator if you have any questions.

Honours is available in all education undergraduate degrees and is integrated into the final three semesters of your degree.

  • For four-year degrees, honours will commence in Semester 2, Year 3.
  • For five-year combined degrees, honours will commence in Semester 2, Year 4.

You will undertake two honours units of study and complete an honours dissertation.

Timeline for four-year degrees

Semester 2, Year 3

Semester 1, Year 4

Semester 2, Year 4

Timeline for five-year degrees

Semester 2, Year 4

Semester 1, Year 5

Semester 2, Year 5

Unit of study

Education Honours Preliminary (EDUF4020)

Continue to work on honours project

Education Honours Dissertation (EDUF4021)

You can view the list of research topics and supervisors available on Canvas, or find out more about the specialty research areas in Education and Social Work. Contact the Honours Director if you have any questions about the honours program.


You will need to achieve a WAM of at least 75 across specified units of study. Find out how to calculate your WAM.

Additional information to apply

You’ll need to apply for honours in Semester 1, Year 3 (for four year degrees) or Semester 1, Year 4 (for five year degrees). Applications for honours close at 5pm on Friday of Week 12.

Submit a completed Education Honours Application Form (pdf, 129KB) signed by your proposed supervisor. You will also need to submit a proposal for your project with your application form.

Submit your application to the Education and Social Work Office of Professional Engagement and Program Support, Room 307, Education Building (A35).

Honours is integrated into the final three semesters of your Bachelor of Social Work degree, commencing in Semester 2 of Year 3.

You will undertake four honours units of study in place of two existing units of study.


Semester 2, Year 3

Semester 1, Year 4

Semester 2, Year 4

Units of study to complete

Social Work Preliminary Honours (SCWK3009)

Field Education 1 Honours (SCWK3010)

Complete standard program units of study                                      

Social Work Research Dissertation (SCWK4008)

Field Education 2B Honours (SCWK4007)

Replaced units of study

Field Education 1 (SCWK3005)


Field Education 2B Honours (SCWK4006)

Possible honours projects will be made available during Week 3, Semester 2 of your third year. You can find more information on the speciality research areas in social work and social policy. Contact the Honours Director if you have any questions about the honours program.


You need to achieve a WAM of at least 70 to be eligible.

Additional information to apply

You will need to apply for honours in Semester 1, Year 3. Applications open in Week 10, and close at 5pm on the last Friday in May.

To apply, submit a completed expression of interest to the Honours Director.

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or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)

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Last updated: 23 March 2023

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