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Indigenous Tutorial Assistance Scheme

ITAS tutors

ITAS tutors, provide academic support and study assistance in one-on-one or small group tutoring.

If you’d like to help other students by passing on your skills and experience, you can apply to become an ITAS tutor. More information can be found in the ITAS tutor guidelines (pdf, 1.1MB).


Generally, you will need to be in at least your third year of your degree. Students will be matched with tutors who are two years or more ahead of them in their studies.

You also need to have achieved a distinction grade or above for the unit of study or topics you would like to tutor.

How to apply

You’ll need to provide information on your academic and professional qualifications, a copy of your resume and academic transcripts, and details on the subject areas where you are eligible to provide tutoring.

For further information on becoming a tutor, email

Complete the online ITAS tutor application.

What happens next

Your application will be assessed and, if approved, you will be added to our tutor database.

When a student applies for tutoring, we will match them with a suitable tutor. If you are selected, the student will be given your contact details so they can arrange a time for your tutoring sessions.

If you’re contracted to work as an ITAS tutor, you will also be invited to attend paid teaching development and cultural competence training workshops.

The Gadigal Centre

Opening hours (phone and in person)
10am – 5pm, Monday – Friday.
Last updated: 04 April 2024

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