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Industry and community projects

3000 level - eligibility and how to enrol

Important dates

Session project is held Delivery Mode Project registration opens Project registration closes Project dates Attendance
Intensive February (S1CIFE) Face-to-face 4 December 2023 14 January 2024 22 January – 18 February 2024 Please see timetable 
Semester 1 (S1C) Face-to-face 8 January 2024 18 February 2024 19 February – 26 May 2024 3 hours of class a week
Intensive July (S2CIJL) Face-to-face 6 May 2024 16 June 2024 24 June – 21 July 2024 Please see timetable
ICPU Globals (S2CIJL) Face-to-face Applications open 5 February  Applications close 24 March 24 June – 21 July 2024 Please see timetable
Semester 2 (S2C) Face-to-face 17 June 2024 28 July 2024 29 July – 3 November 2024 3 hours of class a week
Intensive October (S2CIOC) Face-to-face and Online 5 August 2024 15 September 2024 16 September – 27 October 2024 Please see timetable


To be eligible to enrol in a 3000 level Industry and Community Project Unit (ICPU) you need to be an undergraduate student.

As part of applying, you will need to enrol in a shell unit. To be eligible, you need to make sure this unit is available in your course. Check your handbook for this unit, and ensure you meet any criteria specified for this unit. ICPUs are referred to as 'Interdisciplinary Projects' or 'Industry and Community Project Units' in your handbook.

  • If you are completing a liberal studies degree and commenced your studies in 2018 or later (or transferred to the new curriculum version of your degree in 2018), the ICPU shell unit will either be in your major or as an elective in your handbook.
  • For all other degrees, the shell unit will appear in your handbook if you are eligible to complete it.

Shell units

The shell unit is dependent on your faculty or school, and in some cases related to your major(s).

Faculty/school Unit of study
Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning ARCH3108
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (including Sydney College of the Arts and Sydney School of Education and Social Work) See below for more information
The University of Sydney Business School ACCT3400, BANK3400, CLAW3400, FINC3400, IBUS3400, INFS3400, MKTG3400, QBUS3400, WORK3400, WORK3401, SIEN3400
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sydney Pharmacy School  PHAR4820. Students enrolled into PHAR4820 will only be able to register into Intensive July health-related projects.
Sydney School of Health Sciences HSBH3026
Sydney Conservatorium of Music PERF3640
Faculty of Engineering


This unit can be used to claim activities under the Professional Engagement Program (PEP) depending on when you commenced your degree. Indicatively a minimum of 140 hours can be claimed for intensive projects and a minimum of 60 hours for semester long projects. Additional hours may be claimed on individual projects depending on the amount of industry partner involvement. For more information, please contact

Sydney Law School LAWS3508 (Bachelor of Laws), LAWS5208 (Juris Doctor). Combined Law students in years 1, 2 and 3 should enrol in the faculty shell unit relevant to their non-law degree. Bachelor of Law and Juris Doctor students who are in their final or penultimate year and have completed a minimum of 48 credit points of core law units should enrol in LAWS3508. Due to accreditation requirements, only projects delivered fully face to face will be available for registration to Sydney Law School students.
Faculty of Science (including Sydney School of Veterinary Science) SCPU3001

If you commenced your studies from 2018 onwards, or transferred to the new curriculum, you are required to complete a six credit points 3000-level Interdisciplinary Project Unit.

To enrol in an ICPU you will need to complete an Interdisciplinary Impact Unit (XXXX3999) in another subject area as a pre-requisite or co-requisite for your ICPU unit.

If you have opted to complete a second major within the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, you should:

  • enrol in the Interdisciplinary Impact unit of study in your first major [XXXX3999]
  • enrol in the Industry and Community Project unit FASS3333 for your second major.

If you commenced your current award course prior to 2018 and have available space, you can enrol in INDP3000 as an elective and you do not need to complete a XXXX3999 unit as pre-requisite or a co-requisite.

How to apply

If you'd like to register for the North Coast Aboriginal Development Alliance ICPU project or a global ICPU, there are additional steps that need to be taken to partake in these projects. Please see those details below.

Select a shell unit in Sydney Student

The first step is to select a shell unit for the project through Sydney Student. If you've already enrolled you can do this by changing your units of study (go to ‘My studies’, ‘Units of study’, then ‘Change your units of study’).

Choose the shell unit for your faculty or school, and where relevant, your major(s).


Register for a project

Once you've successfully enrolled, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for a project in Sydney Student.

Before registering for a semester-long project, check the timetable and make sure you're available for the allocated class times. For intensive projects, you need to be available Monday to Friday on a full-time basis. You will be manually added to the project timetable and it will take 7-9 days for your personal timetable to reflect your project registration.

To finalise your enrolment in the unit you will need to select a project in Sydney Student (go to 'My studies', 'Enrolment', then 'Project registration'), upon project registration opening.

Places in each project are limited so we encourage you to register early to avoid missing out. You will only see projects that are available for your enrolled shell unit and still have places available. If you can’t see a project when you register, you will need to select a different project. Project availability is subject to change.

Once you've registered for a project, you will need to upload a signed and witnessed Deed Poll to Canvas. This is a compulsory requirement of your enrolment in this unit. Without it, you will not be able to continue the unit. Make sure you consider the acknowledgments in the deed carefully before submission. You will be granted access to Canvas the week before teaching starts for your enrolled session and you will need to submit your Deed Poll before the first day of class.

How to apply

Girringun Aboriginal Corporation ICPU

This year we will be delivering semester length ICPU projects in partnership with the SLIC program (Service Learning in Indigenous Communities) and Girringun Aboriginal Corporation ICPU. For this project students will be working directly with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, therefore students are required to complete an interview process to partake in this ICPU. 

The process for applying to this ICPU is outlined on the SLIC page.

For any questions regarding the SLIC ICPU please contact

Global Intensive ICPUs

Applications for the 2024 Global ICPUs have now closed, please keep an eye on this page for further information about our 2025 Global ICPUs from November 2024. 

Global Intensives are run during the July Intensive session. If you take part in a global intensive, you will spend 2-3 weeks overseas. There will be an additional merit-based application process for these units that includes an application submission and a group interview. You will need to be successful in this application before you are accepted into the project. 

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or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)

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