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Minimum computing requirements

You'll need access to a computer that meets basic requirements in order to successfully undertake your studies at the University.


Financial support

Bursaries and interest-free loans are available to eligible students to assist with essential study costs, including those relating to IT equipment, software and laptops.

When studying at the University of Sydney, you will be accessing a wide variety of information, resources and assessments through Canvas, our online learning environment.

In order to access these learning resources and complete assessments we expect you to have some basic computing hardware.

Computer hardware

We recommend that you have a modern desktop computer or laptop that can run browsers (such as Firefox, Safari or Chrome) and software required for all courses, such as those for creating documents, spreadsheets and presentations. These can be downloaded by all students.

You’ll also need a web camera and ideally a headset, so that you can actively participate in classes taking place through videoconferencing and sit online supervised assessments and exams.

Internet connection

You’ll need an internet connection that is fast enough to download resources and stream video (such as through Zoom). We recommend a minimum upload and download speed of 1.5 Mbps.

On-campus computers

When you are studying on campus, you will be able to use a University computer in one of our study spaces or plug in your own device. You can also borrow a laptop for a day using the vending machines found at the Fisher, Susan Wakil Health Building and SciTech libraries.

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