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Peer-assisted study sessions

  1. What's involved
  2. Eligibility and registration
  3. Sessions and materials

Eligibility and registration

Online and on-campus sessions

In 2024 we will deliver our PASS program through both interactive online sessions and face to face, on campus sessions.

Registrations for Semester 2 will open 9 am, Monday 29 July 2024. PASS sessions will begin in Week 2 of Semester 2, Monday 5 August 2024.

You'll also have access to all PASS materials you need each week on our PASS Canvas site.


PASS in Business is open to all Business students enrolled in a unit of study supported by PASS.

How to register

Registrations for Semester 2 will open 9 am, Monday 29 July 2024. PASS sessions will begin in Week 2 of Semester 2, Monday 5 August 2024.

All PASS sessions are scheduled in Sydney local time.

If you are registered for an online session, you will need to follow the instructions to set up your University Zoom account. Make sure to sign in with single sign-on using your university email to access your PASS session on Zoom.

Viewing your session schedule

To see your sessions, log in to PASS online registration. You’ll find a list your current PASS registrations and the venue for each.

You can also view your sessions through the Sydney Uni app by selecting 'Timetable'. Your PASS sessions will be identified with 'PASS'.

Waiting lists

If a session is full, you can register for the waiting list. We will email you if a place becomes available or if a new session is being held, before it’s offered to all students.

When you are placed on a waiting list, we will email you a number which tells you where you are on the list. If you are close to the front of the waiting list (generally between one and five), you have a good chance of gaining a place in the program in the near future.

You can choose to deregister from the waiting list.

Attending sessions as a guest

If places are available, you may be able to attend a session as a guest.

If you would like to attend an online session as a guest, you need to contact the PASS coordinator at so that we can send you a one-off zoom link to attend the PASS session of your choice. Make sure you sign the attendance sheet.

You can also check to see if more sessions have been opened by logging in to PASS registration.

Changing sessions

To change to another PASS session for the same unit of study, you’ll need to first deregister from your current session.

Once you’ve received the deregistration confirmation email, you can enrol in a new PASS session.

Note that you’re not guaranteed a place in the new session and will need to join the waiting list if the session is full.


If you miss two PASS sessions in a row, you will be deregistered and your place will be given to someone on the waiting list. Make sure you fill in the attendance sheet at each session to record your attendance.

You’ll be notified by email if you are being deregistered as a result of missing sessions. If you believe you have received the email in error, email

You can choose to deregister yourself from a session or the waiting list by logging in to PASS registration. You’ll receive an email that confirms your deregistration was successful.

PASS Office

  • Room 3040, Abercrombie Building (H70), The University of Sydney, NSW 2006
Last updated: 06 June 2024

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