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Paying your fees

Whether you’re a domestic or international student, you will need to make your fee payment by the due date on your financial statement.

How to pay


Removal of discount for upfront payments

The Government recently passed legislation which removes the 10% discount for eligible CSP students enrolled in units of study with a census date after 1 January 2023. 

We are currently working on updating our Student Financial Statements to reflect this change. If you still see a discounted amount on your statement, you should disregard this and pay the full student contribution amount.  

More information can be found on the Study Assist website and in the 2024 HELP booklets.  


Check your financial statement

Once your enrolment is complete, you can see your actual incurred fees by teaching period by logging in to Sydney Student and viewing your financial statement. Go to 'My finance', then 'Your finances' and select 'View financial statement'.

The statement lists each unit of study that you're enrolled in for that payment period and includes its associated:

  • tuition fee amount
  • equivalent full-time student load (EFTSL)
  • due date for payment
  • census date.

Know your due dates

You can see your personal fee due dates on your financial statement in Sydney Student.

You’ll need to make sure your fees are paid by the relevant due date. If you miss the due date, you will risk late payment penalties and/or cancellation of your enrolment.

You can see the full list of fee due dates on the study dates page.

We will also send email reminders when fees are due, so make sure you’re checking your University student email account.


Choose your payment method

To pay your fees, log in to Sydney Student and under the ‘My finance’ tab, select ‘Your finances’ and then ‘Payment methods’. Select your preferred payment method and follow the prompts.

We don’t recommend paying your fees using a prepaid gift card and/or prepaid debit/credit card. If you require a refund, this will be processed back to the original card. If you lose the card or it expires, you may be unable to get a refund. 

Payment type What to do Processing time


  • Australian account holders only
  • no surcharge applies

You can use BPAY to securely pay your fees from an Australian account.

Your biller code and personal reference number are available on your statement.

For information on how to make a payment through your Australian financial institution, visit the BPAY website.

Within 3 business days

Card payments

  • surcharge applies

If you'd like to pay in Australian dollars, you can select to pay your fees via our online payment gateway.

Please note that a surcharge will apply for payments by debit or credit card. 

  • Domestic Visa and Mastercard Credit: 0.7%
  • Domestic Visa and Mastercard Debit: 0.3%
  • International Visa and Mastercard: 2.8%
  • American Express: 1.39%
If you pay before 10pm, next business day


  • surcharge applies

You can pay your fees using PayPal (credit card and debit card) via our secure online payment gateway.

Please note that a 1.5% surcharge applies for payments via PayPal.

If you pay before 10pm, next business day

International payments

  • Including international bank transfers (also known as telegraphic transfers), credit card payments and other payment methods.
  • international account holders, no surcharge applies)

If you'd like to pay in foreign currency from an international account, you'll still need to go through our online payment gateway but you can choose one of our partners to pay through; Convera*, HSBC, Flywire, CIBC and Alipay.

  • Convera offer international bank transfers as well as credit or debit card payments online in international currencies.
  • HSBC, Flywire and CIBC only offer international bank transfers.

To pay by international bank transfers:

  1. follow the prompts to either pay by credit card, or generate your personalised payment information in your local currency. This contains instructions for transferring funds to the University.
  2. take this information to your bank to arrange an international transfer of funds (depending on your bank, you may be able to do this online or at a branch).
Up to 10 business days

*The University utilises Convera payment services to process your tuition and associated fees. Convera does not process payments to, from or involving residents of Iran, North Korea, Cuba and the Crimea, Luhansk and Donetsk provinces of Ukraine. More information about sanctions and potential restrictions on payments that can be processed is available through the Convera website.

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or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)

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Last updated: 06 March 2024

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