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Postgraduate Research Support Scheme

  1. Overview and funding
  2. Eligibility requirements
  3. How to apply

Eligibility requirements

University PRSS eligibility requirements

The University PRSS eligibility requirements apply to all students, but your faculty or school may specify additional, stricter eligibility requirements. You need to review the relevant PRSS guidelines to ensure you understand all eligibility requirements outlined by your faculty or school, as well as the minimum requirements below.

Be currently enrolled

  • On the closing date your candidature cannot exceed the following full-time (or part-time equivalent) periods:
    (Note: some faculties/schools have a different candidature limit requirement. Please refer to your faculty or school guidelines for further details.)
    • four years full time if you are a doctoral student
    • two years full time if you are a masters by research student.
  • If you have currently suspended your studies, but are due to re-enrol before PRSS funds are allocated, you may submit an application in the research period immediately prior to your return to candidature. You need to have recommenced your enrolment in order to be considered eligible to receive funds. Some faculties or schools may impose stricter enrolment requirements and may not award funds to suspended students. Please refer to your faculty or school guidelines for further details.
  • If you are under examination, you are not eligible to apply for or receive PRSS funding.

Meet the minimum progression requirement

  • If you have not yet passed probation, you need to provide evidence that you have completed all required preliminary appraisal activities on RECS as confirmed in the PRSS Procedures.
    • You can complete your activities ahead of the milestone due date listed on RECS. If you wish to apply for PRSS, you are encouraged to complete these activities as soon as possible, or you may not be able to submit your application.
    • Preliminary appraisal activities are outlined in Schedule 1 of the Progress Planning and Review of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy.
  • Some faculties may require successful applicants to have completed probation as a minimum progression requirement for commencing students. Refer to your faculty or school guidelines for further details.

How many times can I receive PRSS funding?

If you are a doctoral student and meet the eligibility criteria, you may be awarded PRSS a maximum of three times during your candidature.

If you are a masters by research student and meet the eligibility criteria, you may be awarded PRSS once during your candidature.

Please refer to your faculty or school guidelines for confirmation of the candidature limit requirements.

If you convert from a masters to a doctorate, the number of successful PRSS awards allowed will increase from one to three for the period of your candidature. This will include any award during your masters degree. 

PRSS allocations for 2024

Faculty and schools accepting applications

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Sydney Business School
  • Sydney Law School
  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Sydney School of Architecture Design and Planning
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Science

Find out how to apply for funding.

Faculty equitable distributing funds

  • Faculty of Medicine and Health

Find out how funding works. 

Faculty and school PRSS guidelines

You need to review your faculty or school PRSS guidelines before you start your application.


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