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Postgraduate Research Support Scheme

How to apply


Applications for the main round of PRSS have now closed.

Faculties and schools accepting applications

The following faculties and schools are accepting applications for PRSS funds in 2024. 

  • Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Sydney Business School
  • Sydney Law School
  • Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Sydney School of Architecture Design and Planning
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Science


Before you begin your application

Funding is available for research activities in the current calendar year. You can apply for funding in advance. You can also apply for funding retrospectively, as long as the research activity occurs in the same year as the PRSS round in which you are applying. You should include receipts or invoices in your application as supporting evidence. You may also include other evidence such as confirmation of your acceptance to present at a conference.

You cannot apply for funding for research activities which happened in a previous year or are due to happen in future years.

Make sure you have everything ready before you commence your application. You cannot submit additional evidence once applications have closed. 

Ask your supervisor for advice about preparing an application for PRSS funding, as this is part of your research training.


Completing your application

Before you commence your application, make sure your preferred bank account details are correct in Sydney Student. Go to ‘My finance’, ‘Your finances’, then select ‘Bank details'. If your application is successful and your details are missing or incorrect, this will cause significant delays in payment of your awarded funds.

Along with your personal and contact information, in your application you will be asked:

  • course start and required thesis submission dates
  • lead supervisor name and email address
  • information about any scholarships you have
  • details of the funds you are requesting
  • the justification for that funding
  • how the activity or equipment will contribute towards the completion of your degree
  • your achievements related to your research.

In your application you will need to include:

  • A justification statement
    Include a brief statement justifying the need and planned use of the funds, and benefits to your candidature.
  • Evidence of research related achievement
    Where possible, include evidence of your publications (in press or submitted), conference presentations, internal reports or other scholarly activities. This shows satisfactory progress through your previous achievements relative to opportunity and stage of candidature.
  • A letter of support from your supervisor
    This can be an email or formal letter. You will need to upload a copy of this letter as part of your application.
  • Evidence of completing preliminary appraisal activities (where probation has not yet been passed)
    This can be a printout of the milestone completion (with Lead Supervisor approval) from RECS. Preliminary appraisal activities are outlined in Schedule 1 of the Progress Planning and Review of Higher Degree by Research Students Policy
  • Any other requirements outlined in your faculty or school guidelines

You should not submit multiple applications. If you are applying across multiple funding categories, you should submit only one application which includes the details of all funding types you are applying for. Submission of multiple applications will cause delays in processing.

Each faculty and school have developed guidelines on how applications will be assessed and ranked. You should review the relevant guidelines before completing your application.

You should combine all your documents ready for upload before you start the application. If you have problems or need further help, you can email


Assessment of applications

An academic committee in your faculty, school or department will assess your application against the eligibility criteria. Applications will be ranked. We will email you with the outcome of your application after the ranking process. The assessment and ranking process takes several weeks.

Payment of funds

If your application is successful, the funds awarded to you will be paid into your nominated bank account listed in Sydney Student.

You are responsible for ensuring your details are correct at all times. If your bank account details are not correct, this will cause delays in the payment process.

You can check and update your bank account details through Sydney Student. Go to ‘My finance’, ‘Your finances’, then select ‘Bank details’.

Faculty equitably distributing funds

The PRSS funding allocation for the following faculties will be distributed equitably among all students who 1) opt-in for the 2024 PRSS payment through the application form and 2) meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the faculty guidelines.

  • Faculty of Medicine and Health

For 2024, this means FMH students will need to apply to indicate their interest in the PRSS payment this year. If you do not apply in time, you will not be considered for payment. You are not required to submit any supporting documents in the application form as your eligibility will be assessed against faculty guidelines

Assessment of eligibility to receive PRSS funds

The eligibility of students will be assessed by HDRAC against faculty guidelines and this information will be provided to the faculty PRSS committees prior to payments being made. Outcomes will be communicated to students via email. The eligibility assessment process takes several weeks.

You need to review both the University PRSS eligibility requirements and your faculty or school guidelines to check whether you may be considered eligible to receive funding. 

Higher Degree by Research Administration Centre


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