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Student elections

Each year, the University runs elections for a number of positions on representative bodies. These bodies include elected student members.


The number of student representatives elected varies depending on your faculty or school. Elected students are able to provide input into policy, procedural and academic matters, and may also represent their faculty or school in meetings with corporate organisations, government bodies and non-governmental organisations.

Each faculty or school has two representative bodies: the Faculty/University School, and the Faculty board/University School Board. There are also elected student members on the Academic Board.

Two students are elected to be members of Senate. Senate Fellows perform functions of the Senate with due care and diligence, acting in the best interests of the University. They provide valuable contribution in Senate meetings and standing committees.

Faculty or University School

The Faculty or University School is a consultative forum that meets at least once a semester and can, for example, receive and consider reports on academic matters and make recommendations on academic matters to the Faculty Board/University School Board.

Faculty Board or University School Board

The Faculty or University School Board is responsible for academic decision-making and meets at least twice a year. They include ex-officio members, elected academic staff, elected or appointed professional staff and elected student representatives.

Academic Board

The Academic Board is responsible for ensuring the highest standards in teaching, scholarship and research at the University. The Academic Board oversees all academic activities and matters, provides a forum for debate and information flow, and communicates with the academic community including faculties and schools.


The University of Sydney Senate is responsible for staff appointments and welfare, student welfare and discipline, financial matters, and the physical and academic development of the University. It also awards all degrees and diplomas and is responsible to the Parliament of NSW. The statutory powers and responsibilities of Senate are defined by Section 16 of the University of Sydney Act 1989 (NSW).

Last updated: 06 October 2023

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