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Student elections

Senate elections

Senate Fellows

The constitution of the Senate is set out in Schedule 1 of the Universities Governing Bodies Act, and comprises of:

Elected University students

The two University students include: 

  • one person from and elected by undergraduate students of the University, who is not a University staff member

  • one person from and elected by postgraduate students of the University, who is not a University staff member.

Current elected students of Senate

The current student Fellows on Senate are: 

  • Francis Tamer (undergraduate student)
  • Lizzie Miller (postgraduate student)

Senate election process

The University Secretariat conducts student elections for the Senate every two years. A notice of election will be posted on the University Noticeboard to notify students of the election.

If at the close of nominations there are an equal number or fewer nominees than positions available, the nominees will be declared elected unopposed. If more nominees are received than positions available in any election, that election will proceed to a ballot.

If you would like to run for Senate, please contact the Secretariat Elections team at for further information on the nomination process.

Last updated: 21 September 2020

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