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Student Life Grants

For innovative new project ideas that resonate with students and impact our community.


Student Life Grants provide funding and support for students to create innovative co-curricular projects that build a sense of community at the University.

They are facilitated by the University's Student Life team.

You can apply as an individual student or a group of students to access up to $3000 of funding and development support for project ideas that support our students in the areas of social activities and mentoring, professional development, community contribution and academic research. You will get the opportunity to:

  • make a significant impact on students in our community
  • develop your skills in leadership, communications, project management, budgeting and reporting, with training, mentoring and support from the Student Life team
  • build your resume and be recognised as a student leader in our community

Student Life Grants also welcome our international students back and we encourage applications with an international student focus in all grant streams.


Applications will now be submitted via our new portal. Log in with your UniKey to begin your application.

Grant streams

There are four ongoing grant streams:


Projects will focus on welcoming students to the start of a new semester and research period. 

Project dates: 29 July to 23 August 2024
Maximum funding per project: $3000
Target audience: All students


Projects will focus on providing co-curricular opportunities for students during the semester and break periods.

Project dates: 26 August to 22 November 2024
Maximum funding per project: $2000
Target audience: All students

Sustainability Action

Projects will focus on enabling and embedding sustainability across campus life and within our community. 

Project dates: 29 July to 22 November 2024
Maximum funding per project: $2500
Target audience: All students


Projects will focus on providing opportunities for the Dalyell cohort. 

Project dates: 29 July to 22 November 2024
Maximum funding per project: $2000
Target audience: Dalyell students

Project ideas

Some example activities you could include in your project are:

Social and cohort building activities for our students

  • Activate a space on campus with an activity or event 
  • Trivia or games nights 
  • Cultural outings such as visits to museums, art exhibitions or tours of key Sydney landmarks
  • Bowling, laser tag, ice skating, bouldering or other activities in an entertainment venue
  • ‘Fix it’ workshops to encourage our community to reduce waste
  • Pollinator projects such as green walls and rooftops
  • Activating circular economy practices
  • Zero waste cooking classes or guides

Community volunteering projects

  • Students participate in corporate volunteering at a local not-for-profit
  • Student-led mental health or sustainability initiatives
  • Student-led volunteering initiatives that benefit the wider community e.g. charity drives organised by students

Professional development or work integrated learning activities for our students

  • Information and networking events such as career fairs or career nights
  • Career development and skill building workshops
  • Industry project competitions
  • Student-led art exhibitions or creative competitions
  • Student-led podcasts or videos
  • Workplace visits
  • Renewable energy demonstrations

Research and other academic opportunities for our students

  • Student-led conferences
  • 1-minute thesis style competitions or similar opportunities to showcase academic work
  • Writing or essay competitions
  • Student-led public talks
  • Sustainable research projects

Information drop-in sessions

If you’re interested in applying for a grant but not sure about your project idea or want some tips and tricks from our team, join one of our Information Drop-In Sessions.

These will allow you to hear directly from our team and learn more about what makes a good application. We have also allocated some time for you to ask your burning questions about the application process. 

The sessions will be hosted and online and throughout the application period. Once you register, you will receive a zoom link for the session. Please complete the online form to register.

Last updated: 13 March 2024

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