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Student Life Grants

  1. Overview
  2. Planning your application and project
  3. Eligibility and applying

Planning your application and project

Assessment criteria

Grant applications for projects will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • the project should fit within one or more of the following activity categories:
    • social and cohort building activities for our students
    • professional development or work-integrated learning activities for our students
    • research and other academic opportunities for our students
    • community volunteering projects
  • it has a positive impact on our student cohort by developing graduate qualities, fostering social connections, belonging, community, sustainable practices, and wellbeing on campus
  • it should be open to all students to participate in, regardless of faculty or school or society membership, with the exception of initiatives for the Dalyell grant stream. In the Dalyell Scholars stream, projects must be open to all Dalyell Scholars to participate in, regardless of faculty or University school.
  • projects should be unique and distinguishable from existing initiatives. Established events may only be considered for funding where the Student Life Grant funding is shown to increase the scale and impact of the event.
  • projects should consider strategies to minimise financial and student safety risk. If a project is assessed as having moderate or high levels of risk, it will be considered ineligible for funding.
  • projects should consider how sustainable practices will be incorporated into project planning and delivery, especially in relation to purchasing of items, and waste minimisation
  • projects that consider equity and strategies for engaging diverse student groups will be highly regarded
  • the declaration of external interests you’ll complete as part of the application form will also be considered.

Applications from students or student groups who have an ongoing project funded by a Student Life Grant will not be considered. Priority will be given to new, innovative projects that have not previously been funded by Student Life Grants. Applications to re-run projects that have previously been funded must outline how the project will be updated or reimagined.

Welcome Stream applications should be aligned within the context of the University Welcome Program. Events which activate our campus spaces with innovative experiences will be highly regarded.

Sustainability Stream applications should build awareness of and engage our community with sustainability, while establishing links to the University's Sustainability Strategy. Projects which focus on biodiversity should prioritise native flora and fauna.

Dalyell Stream applications should focus on directly engaging the Dalyell Scholars Cohort and describe the projected outcomes for Dalyell Scholar students as a result of attending an event. Projects which focus on engaging students across their faculty and disciplinary bounds will be highly regarded.

Core commitments

Students and staff who receive the funding will be responsible for project implementation with the support of Student Life.

You’ll have the following core commitments:

  • attend a training webinar and regular check-ins with Student Life
  • design the project
  • develop marketing and communications material to promote your project
  • acknowledge funding and support from the Student Life Grant in all promotional material
  • promote the event through avenues outside of Student News
  • disclose to Student Life:
    • any additional funding
    • additional support or collaboration with other stakeholders
    • any potential or perceived conflict of interests
  • follow guidelines about what items can be purchased with the Student Life Grant
  • provide receipts to be reimbursed or invoices to be paid to Student Life
  • communicate any changes in circumstances that affect project delivery to the Office of Student Life as soon as possible
  • implement the project and manage the event
  • attend a post-implementation meeting 1 week after the event 
  • respond to a student survey on your experience
  • share information about the initiative at meetings or forums
  • collect attendee feedback at the event.

As a student, it is your responsibility to act in accordance with the values and principles of mutual responsibility and expectations between staff, students and the University as set out in the University of Sydney Student Charter (pdf, 221KB).

Last updated: 30 August 2023

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