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SydPay is a convenient tap-and-go payment system for use across all of our campuses. All you need is your student card.


SydPay is a campus payment account that you can use to pay for:

  • printing and photocopying at libraries, IT labs and learning hubs across the University
  • Architecture Design Modelling and Fabrication (DMAF) consumables
  • laundry services in Queen Mary, Abercrombie and Regiment student accommodation.

SydPay will be set up for you when you receive your student card. You’ll just need to load funds before you use it. Then you can tap your digital or physical student card to pay.

SydPay Guest

Guests of the University Library, such as alumni, community members or students from other institutions, can use SydPay by purchasing a guest card for $2 from a self-service SydPay kiosk and topping up funds.

When you purchase a guest card, $2 will be deducted. A minimum $5 top up will leave $3 for printing and copying.

If you don’t use your account for 12 months, your funds will expire. Unfortunately, we don’t offer refunds for credit on guest accounts.

Last updated: 22 July 2024

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