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Loading funds

You can check your balance and top up your SydPay account using SydPay online (Visa MasterCard credit/debit cards accepted, no EFTPOS) or a self-service SydPay kiosk (EFTPOS and VISA MasterCard credit/debit cards).

The minimum top-up per transaction is $5 and the maximum is $150, excluding transactions at Architecture Design Modelling and Fabrication Lab.

Top up online

Once you have been issued with your student card you can top up your funds in your SydPay account online by selecting ‘+Add money’.

You can also access your account by selecting the SydPay icon in myUni and the Sydney Uni app.

Top up at a kiosk

Self-service SydPay kiosks are located in the following locations:

  • Fisher Library, Level 3
  • SciTech Library, Level 1, Jane Foss Russell Building
  • Student Centre, Level 3, Jane Foss Russell Building
  • Conservatorium of Music Library, Level 2, Macquarie Street C41 (Conservatorium campus)
  • Susan Wakil Health Building Library, Level 2, D18 Western Avenue (Camperdown campus).

Faculty loaded print/copy

In some cases, certain faculties or schools might subsidise your print and copy costs, for example to assist research students. These funds will appear under ‘Faculty loaded print/copy’ in your SydPay account online.

When you print, the system will use the faculty print and copy credit first before charging your SydPay account.

This funding is at the discretion of faculties.


If you’re finishing or discontinuing your degree, you can request a refund of remaining funds on your SydPay account by contacting If your request for a refund is accepted, amounts will be refunded to the payment method used to top up your SydPay account. If this is not possible, we may at our discretion make a refund using alternative means.

Faculty credits and funds on SydPay Guest accounts cannot be refunded.

Further information on refunds can be found in the terms and conditions.

Replacement cards

If you get a replacement student card, your existing SydPay account will be linked to your new card when it’s issued, so you don’t need to transfer funds. You’ll be able to immediately access your SydPay funds using your new student card.

Guest SydPay cards can’t be deactivated or reissued if lost or stolen. You need to treat your guest SydPay card like cash and, if it’s lost, buy a replacement from a self-service SydPay kiosk.

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1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864)
or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)

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Last updated: 25 October 2022

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