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Thesis submission

Your thesis in the University Library

After your examination you may be asked to make some edits to your thesis before your degree is awarded. Once edits are done, the final version of your thesis will be approved and a copy lodged with the University Library. Do not sign this copy of your thesis as the library will not be able to archive it.

After your thesis is lodged with the library, no further changes can be made, so check it carefully for spelling and formatting errors.

Final submission into the library repository is a pre-condition of being eligible to have your degree awarded.

Submit your final thesis

Once you have received the outcome of your examination, the final thesis lodgement will be reflected as a ‘Task’ on the top right of your RECS portal.

To avoid delays in having your final thesis lodged with the library, please ensure you read the instructions on RECS carefully before attempting your submission. Once your final thesis is ready, you can go into that task and upload the final thesis (as a PDF) and any other documentation you are required to supply.

If you have questions about what documentation to supply with your final thesis, please contact your HDRAC faculty/school team.

Last updated: 15 March 2024

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