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Thesis submission


Each examiner will provide a detailed report and summary recommendation for the award of your degree. Typical outcomes are:

  1. award
  2. award with corrections.

If the examiners’ recommendations vary, the University will consider the reports and make a recommendation. This is done by an academic committee in consultation with your supervisor. We will advise you of the outcome and provide you with copies of the examiners’ reports.

An examiner can also provide the following recommendations:

  1. revise and resubmit for a second examination
  2. not to be awarded a doctoral degree but be awarded another eligible degree
  3. do not award.

If this occurs, the faculty will consider the reports and provide a recommendation. In the case of doctoral examinations, the faculty recommendation and examiners’ reports will then be reviewed by the Higher Degree Research Examination Sub-Committee. Additionally, masters by research examinations in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Faculty of Medicine and Health will be reviewed by this committee.

All other master's examinations will be decided by review at the relevant faculty committee.

If you need to substantially revise your thesis to resubmit for a second examination, we will advise you in writing. We’ll also provide advice about re-enrolling in your course for two or more research periods.

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Last updated: 18 August 2023

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